The Bravo star kept fans up-to-date about her progress while she healed from plastic surgery
Madison LeCory
Credit: Madison LeCroy/Instagram

Madison LeCroy is loving her new assets.

After going under the knife at the end of October to get breast implants, the Southern Charm star, 30, showed off her enhanced chest while wearing a low-cut baby blue crop top on Instagram in a post she cheekily captioned, "Blooming."

A day after her surgery, LeCroy posted a selfie posing with her doctor and nurses from the operating room. "If life gives you lemons 🍋 , Dr O’Neil can turn them to melons. Thanks to his excellent team for making this momma feel like herself again," the Bravo star wrote. 

LeCroy turned to Dr. Patrick J. O'Neill of O'Neill Plastic Surgery in Charleston for her enhancement and assured fans in an Instagram Story prior to the surgery that she was going for a very natural look.

"I freaked a lot of you out with my implant post, just wanna say don't worry about it. Just because I'm having an implant does not mean that I'm coming with boobs as big as my head," LeCroy said in an Instagram Story saved in her highlight reel.

She continued: "I promise you Dr. O'Neill and I have decided we are going to stay as natural as possible. I am going to try to keep the same size that I have right now, but just an implant, and once you have children, guys, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about — if you're a mom, you already do."

The Southern Charm star and mom to son Hudson, 7, kept fans updated as she recovered after the surgery. A few days after the procedure, LeCroy said on Instagram that her body was "a little bit bruised up" and she was suffering from "probably the worst pains I've ever been in" around her abdominal muscles.

But nearly two weeks post-op, LeCroy was feeling back to herself. "I am actually 10 days post-surgery. Everything's looking pretty good," she said in another update video shared on her Instagram Story. "This has been a very interesting experience, but I am looking forward to the end result."

Earlier this fall, the Food and Drug Administration issued a “final guidance” regarding the health risk of breast implants, concluding that implant manufacturers should include a black box warning. The warning is the agency's most stringent, named for the black box that frames the language calling attention to "serious or life threatening risks."

The FDA also suggested manufacturers incorporate “a patient decision checklist into the labeling for breast implants to better ensure certain information is received and understood by patients.”

The updated guidance is a response to findings on the health risks associated with breast implants, including breast implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma (BIA-ALCL) — a rare but potentially deadly cancer. There is also the risk of patients developing “breast implant illness,” which can cause fatigue, brain fog, muscle or joint pain and rash, according to the FDA.

A study published in the Annals of Plastic Surgery found that removing breast implants relieved those symptoms, and others, for patients who had previously gotten breast implant surgery and developed breast implant illness.