'Riverdale' Star Madelaine Petsch Is Bioré's New Brand Ambassador

The actress is revealing her skincare secrets and which one of her co-stars she wants to give a beauty treatment to

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Madelaine Petsch may be known for her acting (and cheerleading) skills as Cheryl Blossom on Riverdale, but off screen she’s also a bit of a beauty maestro. (She often does her character’s bold red lips herself!) And now, the 23-year-old star has a new reason for us to want to steal her secrets: she’s Bioré‘s newest brand ambassador — and has the skin to prove it.

We spoke to the 23-year-old star to find out how she keeps her skin so smooth and how she’s mastered her signature wavy look, below.

She — like all of us — is obsessed with Bioré pore strips.
“The pore strips have always been a staple for me. I like products where you can really feel like it’s working, and of course you can see all your blackheads getting ripped out. With Bioré’s new Baking Soda Acne Cleansing Foam you really feel like it’s working and I like that—I need that in a face product.”

Bioré has been her go-to for over a decade.
“I didn’t have a lot of skin care products when I was a kid—my parents were very au naturale—and I think I was about 9 years old when my girlfriend told me she used Bioré. I was like, ‘Hm never heard of it.’ So my mom took me to the store and I picked out five different things and have been literally using it ever since.”

Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty products are always in her bag
“I always have my Bioré strips because they’re fun, I always have Crest White Strips, I always have lip balm, and I’ll bring concealer with me. My go-to right now is the Fenty Beauty concealer—it’s so good. I actually use it as foundation all over sometimes.”

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Double — and sometimes triple — cleansing is her secret to clear skin.
“For me it’s all about exfoliating after I’ve been working. I don’t think people realize that if you just wash your face once you actually don’t get all the makeup out of your skin, so I’m all about double or triple cleansing if I’ve been working a 16-hour day. So that’s when I’ll bring the foam.”

SPF is an absolute must.
“My parents are from South Africa so they both have crazy sunspots and my mom has always been a freak about me wearing my sunscreen because of that. I usually try to find a foundation or tinted moisturizer that has it in it or I’ll use straight sunscreen.”

She’s figured out the best airplane face mask hack.
“My go-to airplane trick is the self-heating one-minute mask. I go in the bathroom, put it on, stay in the bathroom so I don’t come out looking like a monster and I take it off really quickly. I feel like even though I’m in the air and my skin is getting all fogged up, I’m actually doing something for it.”

Yes, she went through an emo phase.
“I went through whole scene kid phase from when I was like 12 years old to 15. Black eyeliner, I got gauges, which I definitely regret now, and I had the world’s worst haircut—it looked similar to a mullet with a rats tail essentially. It was not great.”

She takes caution around eye lash curlers.
“I once was sitting in a makeup chair next to some girl and she used an eyelash curler that didn’t have rubber on it and I literally watched her cut her eyelashes off. It was a traumatic experience for me — I now check every single eyelash curler I ever use. Let that be a cautionary tale for every girl who curls her lashes.”

The 10-minute wave is possible — and she’s mastered it.
“It takes about 45 minutes for them to do my hair on set every day, but it takes me 10 minutes to do my version so when I’m off set. My secret is using a wand instead of an old-fashioned curler. I’ll do a quick curl all the way around my head and I’ll leave it for a little bit and then I’ll rake it out with my fingers — that’s when I get the perfect wave.

She’ll never dye her hair (again).
“When I was a kid my mom told me she would actually disown me if I ever dyed my hair, so of course at the age of 14 I decided to dye the bottom of my hair with semi permanent brown. My mom took me the next day to cut it off. If it’s for a role that’s a different story, but if it’s my personal life I definitely wouldn’t dye it; I love my mom too much.”

She wants to use pore strips on Cole Sprouse.
“We should definitely try the pore strips on Cole…the gold mine. We give him a lot of crap because he doesn’t anybody touch his nose.”

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