'Riverdale' Star Madelaine Petsch Used Cheryl Blossom as Inspiration for New Sunglasses Collection

Petsch's latest collection with Privé Revaux will pre-launch for Coachella and will be officially available for purchase in May

Madelaine Petsch can’t live without her sunglasses. In fact, the blossoming style icon is so obsessed with the accessory that she’s once again collaborated with sunglass brand Privé Revaux Eyewear.

“I’ve just kind of always had a weird love for sunglasses,” the Riverdale star, 24, tells PEOPLE. “When I first moved to L.A., I had a roommate and I was setting up my entire room and I had probably, not kidding, 150 pairs of sunglasses.”

“Whether they were the heart-shaped glasses when I was 15 years old or the reflecting ones, I just had always had a lot of sunglasses.”

For Petsch the perfect pair of shades are just as important as a statement necklace or a daring lipstick.

“If I really don’t dress up at all and I wear a pair of sunglasses — it makes the outfit. That’s always how I’ve felt,” Petsch says, making her partnership with Privé Revaux seem like a match made in heaven.

Photographer Nicholas Maggio

With her first collection selling out within 24 hours, Petsch had a lot to live up to — and she didn’t disappoint.

“The first collection was more simple,” Petsch says. “Even though the colors were crazy, I feel like the designs were a lot more simple.”

Hoping to keep up the momentum, Petsch says she “just wanted this collection to be different.”

“I could see what people liked from last time, what really resonated with them and what they didn’t like — so I kind of tailored it to my fans, people who were buying them and what I just think is interesting and unique.”

Madelaine Petsch. Photographer Nicholas Maggio

Pre-launching for Coachella, the Privé Revaux X Madelaine Petsch capsule collection includes three frame styles named — MADS, MATRIX and MONROE — available in a concise, yet well thought out, variety of sophisticated colors.

“The MADS glasses I think are something I’ve never seen before,” Petsch says as she describes the rimless shades that feature a dramatic brow that is topped off with plastic inserts, creating a sultry cat eye shape.

“[They] just feel very unique.”

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Proving her style has become more refined, Petsch’s MATRIX sunnies have a slender, rectangular design, giving off major Keanu Reeves meets New York Fashion Week vibes.

“They’re a bit more fresh, newer, it feels much more on trend with what’s going on this season,” Petsch says.

MONROE sunglasses in candy red.
MADS sunglasses.

Though Petsch is offering buyers, what appears to be a more mature style, she’s managed to keep the collection youthful with the stunning royal blue and candy red MONROE shades, which she’s dubbed “old Hollywood.”

The fun colors were also inspired by her character Cheryl Blossom. “I love bringing red into my wardrobe, I think Cheryl taught me a little because I’ve never worn red before.”

While it’s hard for a sunglass lover like Petsch to pick favorites, she says the MADS reflect her style the most.

“They’re the most versatile,” Petsch says. “There’s a black pair and the taupe pair, you can match it with any jewelry.”

Madelaine Petsch. Photographer Nicholas Maggio

As if Petsch’s collection could be any more desirable, the shades are extremely affordable — retailing at $39.95 a pair.

With so much experience now under her belt, Petsch is ready to take a bigger role in fashion design and is even dreaming of creating her own individual line of shades.

“This was really [a] great first step into it,” Petsch says.

“I didn’t know if I would want to be super involved in the designs, or if I would want to have someone else make them for me and I’d just have to say yes or no.”

MATRIX sunglasses.

“I learned that I’m very heavily involved in the design. I drew every single one of of these glasses on a piece of paper. My drawings weren’t great, but I was really detailed in the way I explained it.”

“I think we did three rounds of mockup before we got it, but it made me learn that I do actually genuinely like designing things.”

“I was terrified,” Petsch says she felt after her first collection.

“People love this thing that I made that I’ve worked a year on. Knowing that people resonated with this design, that I loved and that I put all this energy into, was an amazing feeling.”

The capsule collection will officially be available for purchase in May.

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