Maddie Ziegler on New Fabletics Line and Support from Her 'Super Creative' Boyfriend Eddie Benjamin

"I really trust his advice," the influencer, dancer and designer shares of her musician boyfriend as she tells PEOPLE all the details of her latest collection with Fabletics

Maddie Ziegler doesn't like to ask too many people for advice when it comes to designing athletic-inspired pieces for her Fabletics collections, but she does tap her creative boyfriend, Eddie Benjamin, for input every now and then.

"I've shown my boyfriend because he's super creative and he helped me design some of the things one time," the 19-year-old tells PEOPLE as she exclusively shows off her fifth collection. "But other than that, I just keep it to myself. Sometimes too many opinions get in the way."

Ziegler began dating the 21-year-old Australian musician in 2019 after sliding into his DMs on social media and inviting him to meet up in Los Angeles. The couple later went public in March 2020.

This isn't the first time the singer and dancer has gone to her boyfriend for design advice with the activewear line, either.

"I think it was for an earlier collection, but he came into the meeting with me because we were just together and then I started just being like, 'What do you think?' And he just started coming up with so many ideas and it was amazing."

Ziegler's latest collection reminded her of the movie Dune which she credits for giving her design ideas.

"I feel like that was a huge inspo just texturally and I love the tones of that as well," Ziegler says of the film's inspiration. "And then also on the other side of it, I really wanted to do very interstellar vibes. So there's a lot of very starry night, space elements, extraterrestrial, and then also a mix of the earthy sands and textures and things like that."

All of the pieces, which Ziegler loves to layer, are uniquely made from recycled materials in a new, buttery soft fabric, Motion Opaque.

The West Side Story actress was heavily involved with the design process all on her own, however, she did ask for Benjamin to weigh in on her ideas with the latest 14 piece collection.

"I love his advice," the former Dance Moms star tells PEOPLE. "I really trust his advice more than a lot of people just because he's always honest. But he's always so supportive and pushes me to just do whatever makes me happy and we do the same for each other. I think it's really cool to have such a good support system from him."

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Maddie Ziegler
courtesy Maddie Ziegler

Since starting her Fabletics partnership in 2019, Ziegler says she feels proud to see her evolution with the company.

"I was like 15 or 16 when I did my first collection and I'm going to be 20 in a few months," Ziegler shares of her growth. "I've gotten it down to a good rhythm. I think I wanted this collection to be completely different than all the rest, of course. It's cool to see how much I've evolved throughout the clothing as well."

Becoming a successful fashion designer isn't easy, but with the help of her 13.9M followers on Instagram and counting, Ziegler can't believe how much she's taken off and found fame on social media. Because of this, she wants to make sure she sets a good example for all of her fans without putting too much pressure on herself.

"I can't seem to wrap my head around it, even though it's been so many years now that I've been on social media," Ziegler shares. "But it's just -- I can't really name a hundred people that I even know. Or maybe I could, but it is a wild feeling. It's a lot of responsibility, but I just try and be a good role model and do the best that I can and know that I'll mess up and make mistakes along the way. But hopefully -- I don't know. It's a really cool feeling to have so many people support me."

Maddie Ziegler
courtesy Maddie Ziegler

For her latest launch, the influencer opted for a more toned down color palette.

"The design process for me was very much like I wanted to go do more neutral elements and more neutral tones," Ziegler says. "Because in the past, all of my collections have been such bright colors and pastels and neons, and I wanted to go the complete opposite end of the spectrum."

Ziegler jokes that this could "maybe" be the start of a future his and hers clothing line for the young couple and she is proud of her newest, all-inclusive capsule. With sizes ranging from XXS- 4X and VIP prices starting at $29.95, she wanted to offer something for everyone.

Maddie Ziegler clothing

"I love the tones," Ziegler shares of the line which includes everything from matching bike shorts and sports bra sets to overlay pieces and even a bodysuit.

The limited-edition Maddie Ziegler x Fabletics Collection is available online and in Fabletics retail locations globally.

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