The dancer and actress gives PEOPLE an inside look at her bathroom, her beauty go-to's and a makeup tutorial using her new collaboration with Morphe, The Imagination Collection

By Topher Gauk-Roger
June 25, 2020 04:37 PM

Maddie Ziegler is revealing all her beauty secrets!

"I have been doing this for so long with Morphe. We've been creating these products and this is a dream come true of mine," the dancer and actress — who takes PEOPLE into her bathroom to show off her favorite skincare products — says about her new makeup collaboration.

"My love for makeup started when I was six years old," the teen mogul adds. "I started doing my own [dance] competition makeup because I actually didn't like the way my mom did it. I learned how to do false lashes, everything — and from there on, I just have been obsessed with makeup."

When it comes to her every day skincare, Ziegler, 17, only uses Sonya Dakar products. "I swear by them," she says. "They've really changed my skin and helped me with my acne."

The products she loves the most? The Organic Omega Booster for glowing skin and, of course, sunscreen. "You should always be wearing your sunscreen," says Ziegler. "It keeps your skin really protected and you don't want to have sun spots when you're older."

Ziegler has shelves of products lining the walls of her bathroom, with everything ranging from skincare to nail polishes, oils, deodorant, and gummies. "Clearly, I am a product junkie," she admits. "I have all the products I can think of because I'm obsessed, and I always loves testing out new things."

The former Dance Moms star is most excited about her latest endeavor with Morphe, called The Imagination Collection, which includes a 20-shade eyeshadow palette, three lip and cheek kits, and a 'dew bomb' face gloss stick.

"[Makeup] is my favorite way of expressing myself through art besides dancing and acting, and I just really love bringing ideas in my head to life and translating that on my face or on my sister's face or on any friends that I have," she says. "Makeup has really saved me in times where I feel sad and it just makes me feel whole and happy. I know that sounds crazy to say, but makeup can do that for people."

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In a makeup tutorial shared exclusively with PEOPLE, the star says the look is for "days when you just want to have a little something, but you don't want to look too much."

"The colors are everything I could have imagined," she says, revealing the assortment of shades available. "There's neutrals, there's brights ... I'm going to be sticking with neutrals today, but I usually go for the brights."

Ziegler begins with a mix of the "Butterfly Fantasy" and "Maddie Girl" shades as a base on the eyelids, before moving onto the "M3" shade on the crease, which is a nod to the three Ziegler women: Maddie, mother Melissa and younger sister Mackenzie.

"It's a really nice wash of color," Ziegler demonstrates. "It doesn't add much, but it just gives a little definition to the eye."

She then adds in the "Godfather" shade, which is named after her makeup artist Tonya Brewer. "Sia is my god mom, and Tonya is like my other parent besides my mom, so we call her my godfather," she explains. Ziegler applies the "beautiful bronze shade" to her lid with her finger because "sometimes when you use your finger, you get more payoff than using a brush."

"I have been using these shades for a while now in secret," Ziegler confesses. "But now that I'm using them on camera, it feels like I'm using them for the first time and I'm like, 'Oh my gosh, I love them so much!'"

Ziegler then uses the "Latte" shade to add some definition in the corner before applying mascara, and then puts a bit of "Latte" under the eye using a smaller brush. "That's the eye look. Very simple, really easy, nice little neutral eye using my palette," she says.

The beauty influencer, who has amassed 13.6 million followers on Instagram, then moves onto the lip and cheek kit, going with the "Peach That Pops" shade. "It's the one that looks best on my skin at the moment while I'm a little bit tanner," she says.

She uses the "velvet-y texture" to apply two dots to each cheek before rubbing it in on each side with a finger. "It looks like you got a little sun tan or sun burn. Use your sunscreen, and then you can give the appearance of a sunburn with blush."

"It wakes my skin up," she adds before applying a bit to her nose to give a "really cute little sunburn effect."

Maddie Ziegler
| Credit: Maddie Ziegler/Instagram

Ziegler then applies the "dew bomb" face gloss stick, using her finger to apply the balm to her face, rubbing it into the cheek and temple. "There's no actual glitter in it; it's strictly just a balm," she advises. "It's so universal, so you could use it as a lip balm and it just makes my lips look really nice and moisturized."

She also suggests using it on the high points of your face as a highlighter, adding, "You can even put it on your collar bones and places where the sun hits to make you look really nice and glowy."

Ziegler completes the look with a bit of lip liner — only above the lip line — and the lip gloss from the "Peach That Pops" lip and cheek kit. "It gives the effect of really full lips," she notes.

Ziegler finishes with a Tatcha mist spray to lock it all in place. "I'm just so happy to come out with a line that speaks to me and really relates to how I am as a person," she concludes.

The Morphe x Maddie Ziegler Imagination Collection ranges from $12 USD to $25 USD and is now available on and select Morphe stores.