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If you’ve always associated Tiffany & Co. with its famous blue boxes and even more famous image of Audrey Hepburn eating a croisssant in Givenchy outside its windows, the brand’s hoping to add a few more iconic moments to your memory. The jeweler is revamping its business style — and specifically its ad campaigns — to appeal to a younger audience so they tapped Vogue‘s longtime creative director (now “at large”), Grace Coddington, to give the storied institution her magical touch.

Coddington joined the brand as a “creative partner” in April and has been on a mission to shake up its image with the fall 2016 “Legendary” campaign and a short film from R.J. Cutler, the director responsible for bringing Coddington’s creativity to the spotlight in The September Issue.

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According to Business of Fashion Coodington handpicked all four models, including actresses Elle Fanning and Lupita Nyong’o and models Christy Turlington and Natalie Westling to star in the ads. It was an interesting move for the editor and the brand — Nyong’o and Fanning are the first-ever famous faces starring in a campaign for the house — as Coddington openly prefers not to use stars in editorial. “I’m also known not to like celebrity very much,” Coddington explains. She says she wanted to “find people who are beyond the average celebrity. They have to have more to them.”

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Tiffany & Co. ads are usually shot outside on the N.Y.C. streets and juxtaposed with flat-lay images of the jewelry. Coddington, however, worked with photographer David Sims to take studio portraits of each woman instead, featuring close-up shots of the jewelry worn on the models. She still incorporated a bit of tradition by using the brand’s signature blue as the background in each photo.

On social media Nyong’o called working with Coddington “unforgettable” while the fashion editor celebrated the campaign with sketches in her signature style. One showed a group shot of her models set against, you guess it, a robin’s egg-blue background, while another showed a behind-the-scenes glimpse on set.

What do you think of the new ads?

— Colleen Kratofil

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