January 12, 2007 05:15 PM

Looks like we’re not the only ones getting excited about the Golden Globes. Over at Buss Buss, they serve up some tips on how to host your own V.I.P. GG-bash, including a recipe for a Tangerini Jolie cocktail. You’ll find even fancier soiree suggestions at InStyle.com, though we think we’ll be too busy gaping at the gowns to eat pigs-in-a-blanket.

Speaking of gowns, the witty Go Fug Yourself gals are just as puzzled as we are about Babel star Rinko Kikuchi‘s red carpet looks. Well, we all can’t be Jennifer Aniston, or have (as PopSugar points out) her perfect breasts.

But, relax, a quick ego boost is just a click away. Thanks to SheFinds for pointing out this incredibly enlightening video, Beauty Brain’s Celebrities Without Makeup. If it weren’t for Halle Berry always looking so picture perfect, we’d almost be uplifted.

And finally, we’ll close out the week with this musing from Celebrity-babies.com. Are stars planting their babies’ placentas in their backyards? Suddenly, our grilled chicken salads seem not so appetizing.

Guess that’s our cue to get back to work. What’s been on your lunchtime surfing menu this week?


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