Lucy Hale on Her Enviable Tousled Bob: 'I Feel Like Women Appreciate Shorter Hair More Than Men Do'

And no, she doesn't regret cutting it, either

Lucy Hale chopped her hair into a lovely lob in 2014, and since then has gone shorter and shorter until she settled into a perfectly tousled above-the-shoulders style (no wonder her pics are splashed all over so many hairstyle inspo Pinterest boards!). So, when we caught up with the Pretty Little Liars star and face of mark. makeup in New York City to talk all things beauty for our “5 Questions Everyone Wants to Ask” video series, we wondered if she ever regretted The Big Cut.

Lucy Hale

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“I do miss my long hair sometimes,” she tells us. “I definitely feel like I came into my own when I cut my hair off, but I miss being able to braid it and put it in a full ponytail because now I can’t fit all my hair in a ponytail.” That said, she’s not growing it out just yet. Rather, she finds it incredibly empowering. “I feel like women appreciate shorter hair more than men do. Guys just don’t get it. Guys are like, ‘You cut your hair, cool.’ And you’re like, ‘No, I’ve never cut my hair in my life, this is a huge deal!’ I feel like women just get it and know.”

The 26-year-old also took a moment to address her enviable thick brows, which have earned her much-deserved #browicon status. “I’ve always had very bold brows and it was during a time that people were making them very thin so I felt like a little out of place,” she recalls. “Then I overplucked mine and they just looked crazy. Now it’s like the bigger the better.”

She also takes a hands-on approach to brow maintenance: “Some people ask what I do to them, and a lot of people are surprised to hear that I do them myself,” she says. “I just get a little nervous when people try to touch them.”

And it’s not just her brows that are bold—she often chooses a bold lip, too. “I feel really confident when I wear lipstick,” she says. “I used to shy away from it, I used to be a little scared, because it does make a statement. People do notice it. But I think that now that I’m older and more comfortable with who I am, I feel more comfortable. And it’s fun, too.”

Watch the video above for more, including the one label she’d love to wear for the rest of her life, which co-star’s style she’d love to steal and a sneak peek at the new Instant Vacation Maui line by mark., available now.

Do you agree with Lucy’s thoughts on short hair and bold lips? Let us know in the comments!

—Sharon Clott Kanter

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