Lucy Hale Looks Back On Her 20s: 'You Accept Who You Are and What You Look Like'

Build Series Presents Lucy Hale Discussing "Pretty Little Liars"
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When you’re an in-demand star like Lucy Hale, you’d think insecurities are basically nonexistent. But everyone — including celebs — have their moments. That’s what the Pretty Little Liars star, 27, shared when she opened up about her confidence, as well as her beauty rituals and growing up in the spotlight, in the June/July issue of StyleWatch, on newsstands now.

“There are good days and bad days, but I’ve found [self-assurance] really does come with age,” she explains. “I think you hit a point where you accept who you are and what you look like and you kind of just roll with it. You find out what you like and what your strengths and weaknesses are — it develops over time.”

Growing up in the spotlight has put pressure on her, but it also forced her really think about who she is and who she wanted to be. “I started [PLL] when I was 20, and by the time it’s done, I’ll be 28,” she says. Hale’s birthday is June 14. “Eight years is a really long time, especially since you’re figuring yourself out the most during those years. I feel like I’ve grown a lot in my acting, and obviously my beauty evolution has come a long way too. There were some interesting choices in the beginning!”

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As any longtime fan knows, Lucy has had some fun playing with her hairstyles. She’s inched her way up, going shorter and shorter, and we’re never surprised when she debuts a new color on her Instagram. “I’ve tried so many different styles,” she says. “I’m not really attached to my hair. I just constantly want something new — I’d get a different haircut with every outfit if I could! I’d even shave it off.”

That development is also pretty clear when it comes to her wardrobe choices. Like many young women, she took her time discovering what works for her and what she’s drawn to the most style-wise. “I used to want all the trends,” she says. “I would buy so many things! Now, it’s more about finding classic, simple pieces that I can re-wear.”

Now that it’s summer, she’s found comfort in some go-to sunnies and lipstick shades too. “I have a bunch of sunglasses, but I’m really into the John Lennon, small-circle frames. When it comes to makeup, I love experimenting with a bold lip. A coral shade is perfect for summer.”

One thing that always makes the star feel badass? “It sounds so L.A. of me, but I never feel better than when I step out of a SoulCycle class,” she reveals. “I may not look my best, I but I definitely feel my best.”

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