October 28, 2016 09:00 AM
Nails Inc.

Lottie Tomlinson may have gotten her start as One Direction star Louis Tomlinson’s younger sister — but these days, we’d say he’s better known as Lottie Tomlinson’s brother. After all, she now has almost three million followers on Instagram, did hair for One Direction’s tour and makeup for Selena Gomez‘s Revival tour — and now she’s launched a makeup collaboration with a major beauty brand. And, uh, did we mention she’s only 18?

The self-made makeup artist, who’s known for her experimental makeup looks, was recently named brand ambassador for Nails Inc, and just launched her Matchbox collection of matching nail and lip paints.

Nails Inc.
Nails Inc.

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We got the details straight from the star about creating her own makeup collection, playing with colorful makeup looks and the one question her fans always ask.

What’s the inspiration behind this collection?

I thought [about] a lot of my own things that I love to wear and my go-to colors. It was a bit of a trial and error kind of thing. I made sure it would be something that I would wear. The [shade] names [like ‘Out Out,’ ‘Buzzin,’ and ‘Babes’] are my little lingo, which is really fun.

You made a nail polish spray with Nails Inc before, but this was your first time you developed lipsticks. What was that like?

I think there are a lot of liquid lipsticks out there that are really hard to wear. We wanted to find a really good formula that made sure they were totally matte, but still comfortable on the lips.

How do you prep your lips to make sure they still feel comfortable when you wear a liquid lipstick?

I do a lip scrub, then put lip balm on and kind of blot that off. Then put a little bit of translucent powder on the lips and then the lip paint over. That’s how you get the best application. Lip prep is really important.

You have millions of followers on social media. Do you ever feel pressure to constantly be posting?

Not really. I just don’t overthink it too much. I upload things that I love. I just like getting response from people. Instagram is my favorite.

What’s your favorite Instagram filter?

Probably Slumber. You get that tanned look.

What’s the one thing your fans are always dying to know about you?

They all seem to be quite fascinated with my eyelashes because I like to do them really spidery and thick. So they probably ask the most what mascara I use. I use ones from Illamasqua and Bourjois.

You love experimenting with color in your makeup looks. What advice do you have for girls interested in testing out bolder looks?

They should just be confident. I always used to come home from school and try stuff when I was in my room, ’cause no one is going to see it if it goes wrong. Just practice and be confident with whatever you wear. If you want to do bold colors, do it!

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