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January 17, 2017 10:56 AM

Most millennials will remember Lori Loughlin from their childhood as Aunt Becky in Full House, the grounded counterpart to Uncle Jesse‘s wild child, rock and roll ways. A piece of ’90s nostalgia we were all recently reminded of thanks to Netflix who decided to do a reboot of the classic sitcom called Fuller House. But while the show’s original demographic is now old enough to introduce their own kids to the original show, it seems that Loughlin has stopped aging all-together. In a new interview in Good Housekeeping, hitting newsstands January 17, the When Calls the Heart star chalks her Benjamin Button-esque appearance up to good genetics and the type of practical skincare advice any mom would approve of.

While she may look exactly the same age as she did two decades ago, Loughlin says thankfully her sense of style has substantially changed. She told the magazine, “Looking back on my Full House wardrobe days, I think I almost regret all of my fashion moments. Oh man, I mean the high waisted jeans, the cowboy boots, and the tent dresses I used to wear? I don’t know what I was thinking. My kids make fun of me and go, ‘Mom, that’s a look.’”

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As for her wrinkle-free skin, while you may be hunting for where she’s hiding her Dorian Gray portrait, the actress insists, “There’s no magic here! I wear SPF, moisturize and wash my face before bed. I treat myself to facials now, but even when I couldn’t afford to do that, I’d get scrubs and masks from the drugstore.”

It seems, however, that her daughters are trying to encourage their mom to be as tech-savvy as her youthful appearance would imply.  “My daughters are so funny,” the actress says, “My younger daughter, Olivia [17], has a YouTube channel. She’s very funny and very into social media. She tries to guide me as far as my Instagram and what I should be posting. One day she told me I should post more things like Kendall Jenner. Why would I do that?” The better question is, why wouldn’t you do that?

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