January 07, 2019 06:00 AM

Influencers, A-listers and glam pros want you to stop waiting — and take charge of your hair routine!

The new L’Oréal Rapid Reviver Conditioner will refresh and rejuvenate any type of hair whether it’s from damage like dryness, breakage or coloring — there is one for you. This revitalizing formula is made with 20 percent conditioning serum, plus tailored ingredients depending on which product is right for your hair. It’s designed to deliver the intense results of a deep conditioner without the wait.

Longtime face of L’Oréal Julianne Moore, who can be seen in the ads, advises women to “Stop waiting, because you’re worth it”.

Award-winning actress Eva Longoria explains that waiting can hinder you from reaching your full potential. “When I stopped waiting for opportunities, I began directing”.

And celebrity makeup artist Sir John shares that when he stopped waiting, he truly became himself. “When I stopped waiting for the industry to introduce diversity, I started becoming who I am”.


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