The singer made the most of her broken arm

By Jillian Ruffo
Updated May 03, 2016 05:35 PM

Monday night’s Met Gala red carpet was home to endless unforgettable looks: Selena Gomez showed up in combat boots, Kerry Washington had purple hair, and we even got a peek at Madonna‘s bare bottom. But the most unexpected accessory of the night? A stark white, freshly-wrapped cast, as seen on Lorde‘s left arm — which, by the end of the evening, was signed by none other than Kanye West.


The 19-year-old singer seems to have broken her arm at quite possibly the worst time of the year. But in true Lorde fashion, not even an unwieldy cast could get in her way of looking fabulous in her pastel tulle gown, nor could it prevent her from having fun (even making a joke about the futuristic materials of her “accessory” on Instagram). Naturally, the star made the most of the situation, bringing along a permanent marker to create the probably the most coveted autograph book (er, cast) of all time.

John Shearer/Getty

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Lorde posted a photo of her finished cast-erpiece on Instagram, showing off her collection of signatures: “Taylor” (her BFF Swift, we assume), “Best date ever! Lily,” (Collins, obviously), and what looks like it says “Willow” (Smith?) But the most noticeable of the bunch? A big, bold “Yeezus” drawn in Kanye’s famed logo. Whether or not he’s a great enough artist to sketch the design himself or if Kim took the reins, we’re not sure, but someone from his krew is responsible.

Lorde, we have one piece of advice: Sell that thing on eBay.

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— Jillian Ruffo