Taylor Swift Shopped Her Own Closet for 'Look What You Made Me Do'

The pop star brought back a few of her most iconic fashion moments

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If you weren’t spending your Sunday night stress-watching dragons and frost-bitten zombies collide in Westeros, then you were likely tuned in to MTV to watch Katy Perry take her best shot at stand-up comedy or to see Pink give an inspirational speech … or to find out what, exactly, it was that we made Taylor Swift do, as she debuted her music video for her latest single. There was a lot to unpack from the “Look What You Made Me Do” clip, but the main takeaway isn’t that she’s gone full snake queen or reignited various rumored beefs, it’s that Taylor has apparently kept every single outfit she’s ever worn.

The grand finale of Swift’s extensive deep-dive into her past sees the star lining up a few of her most memorable past personas to comically bicker with one another and pick herself apart in front of a private jet graffitied with the word “Reputation.” The moment is a meta nod at the many roles the media has cast her in as well as an attempt at yet another reinvention into a pop star with a tougher, slightly more dangerous edge. And as it turns out, just like she never forgets a grudge, she also never gets rid of an outfit: every rewear came directly out of Taylor’s own archives.


Of course there’s zombie Taylor who opens the film announcing her own passing while wearing the same blue pleated J. Mendel dress from her “Out of the Woods” video, an outfit which also heralded the end of the 1989 period of her career.

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…which is why it seems only fitting that zombie Tay would be the one to bury her 2014 Met Gala self, wearing a super feminine baby pink Oscar de la Renta gown with a giant bow on back (the one her cat tried to destroy), a look that also ushered us into the New York-centric era of her career.

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The singer bursts into tears over her glittery acoustic guitar wearing the spangled black dress from her “Fearless” world tour, back in the days when she was still just a country girl who wore her hair in long curls and her song was a slamming screen door.


But it’s not just the super glam moments Swift brings back, she also pokes fun at herself by reviving her nerdy character from “You Belong With Me,” recreating the homemade t-shirt she wears but this time inscribing it with the various names of her squad, including Selena, Gigi, and Lena.

And what Taylor style retrospective could be complete without the dress she wore during that fateful moment at the 2009 VMAs that would inexplicably come to define the trajectory of both her and Kanye’s careers.

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The pop star trotted out the silver and nude one-shoulder Kaufmanfranco gown she wore during that now infamous interaction when West sort of let her finish, complete with MTV Moonman and the same up-do with tendrils.

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She brought back the ringleader look from her Red tour, complete with top hat, likely a cheeky nod to those haters who have proclaimed her to be a master manipulator.


She also recreated her Swan Lake moment from “Shake It Off” in a full-on ballerina outfit. The scene is also so self-referential that it features a few of the looks she introduced in this very video, like the character in a leopard print coat and high pony who gets a Grammy for her car crash and the Taylor who seems to have become the queen of CGI snakes.

And it turns out, these looks are only the tip of the #TBT Tay iceberg. As her legions of fans have extensively documented on every social media platform, when you take a closer frame by frame look at that pile of zombie Taylors at the end a whole slew of her past red carpet selves can easily be seen, including the spangly romper she wore during her 1989 world tour, that rainbow sequin houndstooth matching set she wore to the VMAs in 2015, her “Shake It Off “cheerleader uniform, and the patterned velvet dress she wore to the BMI Pop Awards after she had her peroxide blonde Vogue reinvention. Now, we’re just left wondering how can we get a look inside Taylor’s career-spanning wardrobe archive and where could she possibly store it all?

What do you think of Taylor’s new music video? Which of her past looks is your favorite? Sound off below!

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