The star's makeup artist breaks down her look
Celebrities attend The Girl On The Train New York Premiere at Regal E-Walk Stadium.
Credit: Splash News Online

Florals for spring? Groundbreaking. Pink lips for fall? Season-pushing. But, if you’re Emily Blunt, the latter beauty rule doesn’t apply to you because, a.) You can pull off virtually any makeup move, b.) Seasons don’t apply on the red carpet and c.) Your makeup artist made a serious case for the bright lip look.

We chatted with the actress’s makeup artist of 10 years Jenn Streicher for all of the details behind the gorgeous makeup look Blunt wore to The Girl On the Train premiere in N.Y.C. Below, she breaks down the look and banishes seasonal beauty rules once and for all.

Inspired by Blunt’s green Prada gown with blue piping, Streicher opted for a lip shade that would complement the bold colors rather than distract from them.

“The dress wasn’t very true to season either — it was skin-showing and bright, so the lip needed to match that,” she tells PeopleStyle. “The mixture of pinks that I went with resulted in a muted lavender-pink that kept the look young and fresh.”

Opting for pink in autumn wasn’t an issue for Streicher, who says she typically doesn’t follow traditional seasonal beauty rules. “I’m not one of those artists who says no to colors depending on the season,” Streicher tells PeopleStyle. “I don’t buy into seasonal makeup. I think what’s more important is the skin tone and what shades of pink look best on you.”

Because this gorgeous makeup moment was based around the pop of pink on Blunt’s pout, Streicher says finding the perfect shade was the key to sealing this look together. Thus began her journey, which, after striking out with her own kit colors, took her to Sephora, where she swatched over a dozen shades on the back of her hand. (See photo proof below.)

“I did that to my hand about three times at the Laura Mercier counter at Sephora. I went through a lot of shades,” she tells PeopleStyle. “In my mind, I know the color that I want, so sometimes I have to mix shades to achieve that — I won’t settle with a shade if it’s not what I envisioned.”

So what did shade did Streicher land on? A blend of two Laura Mercier Velour Lovers Lip Colours — Boudoir, a bright berry, and French Kiss, a hot pink hue.

Although the actress likes to apply her own lipstick sometimes, according to Streicher, this shade cocktail was applied by the pro using the Laura Mercier Lip Colour Brush.

“[Emily’s] actually really good at doing her own hair and makeup,” says the pro. “I’ll see her out at an event and ask her ‘Who did your makeup?’ and she’ll say, ‘I did!’ We joke about it all the time.”

She adds: “I always take a client’s opinions about their own face into consideration — you know your own face better than a makeup artist ever will,” Streicher says. “Sometimes she’ll tell me something about how her skin is doing or how she wants to look for an event, and I’ll listen. It’s always a collaboration, which makes it so fun.”

And the result of this collab was a hit, says Streicher. “[Emily] didn’t look into a mirror until it was all done (hair, makeup, dress),” the pro tells PeopleStyle. “She looked in the mirror and said, ‘Oh, I love it!’ She never dissects herself, she trusts me to do a good job.”

What do you think of Emily’s pink lip for fall? Would you wear the bright color in autumn? Share below!