Lo Bosworth on Her Glam Beauty Look on The Hills: 'We Did All of Our Own Makeup Ourselves'

Plus, learn all about the former The Hills star's brand-new beauty partnership


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Back when Lo Bosworth spent her days at the beach and her nights at Area nightclub, her beauty M.O. was simple: She preferred her eyes slightly smudged with kohl liner and her strands sleek, straight and sun-kissed. But, according to the star, there was a reason behind her low-key signature look on The Hills: She was the one creating it for the cameras!

The lifestyle and beauty blogger, 29, recently opened up to PeopleStyle about her current makeup routine and how it has drastically transformed since her days on The Hills — a time when she curated her camera-ready look, all on her own.

“We did all of our own makeup ourselves,” she tells PeopleStyle. “We did work with makeup artists for red carpet appearances, award shows and photo shoots with magazines, so they gave us the tricks of the trade in terms of doing our makeup to the point [where] we were considered camera-ready.”

Lo Bosworth St. Ives partnership

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But, she adds, there may have been one or two of members of the cast who hired a glam squad before stepping into their bootcut jeans and going-out tops: “I can’t speak for all of the women, but I know some of the girls on the show hired their own hair and makeup artists to get ready before they filmed. But I certainly did not.”

Why would she, when she had been a beauty pro-in-training her whole life? “I have always been a lover of makeup since I was a kid, when I had my parents buy me Kevyn Aucoin’s first makeup book,” she says. “Maybe in another life I was a makeup artist, because it’s so fun for me just to play with color, to play with the textures of different products, to try different things out. You should see my bathroom — it’s full of product!”

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Now, though, after moving to the East Coast five years ago, Bosworth says she prefers a much more understated approach to beauty. “The makeup look in New York is very chic and very minimal, which is something that totally fits in with who I am and my lifestyle,” she tells PeopleStyle. “It doesn’t mean that there is no beauty routine — it just means that [my routine] is more focused on moisturization, SPF, eyebrows and eyelashes, instead of a full heavy face of makeup.”

She continued, adding: “When we were on The Hills, we were getting camera-ready every time we would film,” she says. “When I go back to L.A., I still see a lot of women there wearing a ton of makeup. I think just culturally that is what is normal there. So in New York, I really like that I can exfoliate, wash my face, use a great moisturizer, put on a great mascara and some chapstick and be good to go. It is absolutely wonderful.”

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Which is why the star has teamed up with St. Ives to celebrate (slash invent the concept of) #ScrubDay, a day in which she indulges in a series of beauty treatments, including an at-home face scrub by the skincare brand. (She’s partial to the classic Fresh Skin Apricot.)

“I specifically do [#ScrubDay] on Sundays and or Mondays because, for me, it’s really a day to treat myself, to rest, to rejuvenate and to get ready for the week ahead,” she tells PeopleStyle. “I get in a great workout, I steam afterwards, I do a scrub (an entire body scrub — not just my face). It’s like I’m giving myself an at-home spa treatment. Afterwards I put on beautiful pajamas (maybe something a little lacy), completely moisturize and then I hang out with my handsome boyfriend, and I feel like the cleanest, most glowing woman on the planet.”

How do you treat yourself? Are you surprised about the Hills scoop?

–Sarah Kinonen

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