The "Truth Hurts" singer tests how much she can fit inside her tiny Jacquemus bag in a new TikTok video

Lizzo has rocked her fair share of teeny-tiny micro purses, most notably: her mini Valentino bag from the 2019 AMAs.

And now the 31-year-old singer-songwriter is showing the power of her tiny purse by revealing what she can fit inside of it – and her stash is surprisingly mighty.

In a new video originally posted to TikTok, Lizzo, wearing a black and white graphic bodysuit with a magenta harness and hot pink lipstick, is seen holding her lavender Le Chiquito bag from the French designer Jacquemus, when her friend off-camera asks her for a pencil.

“You know I got you,” the singer says while pulling out a pencil from the purple purse.

Her friend then asks for a bigger items: a remote, which Lizzo, of course, has in the tiny Jacquemus style.

Lizzo Tiny Bag TikTok

Then, the “Truth Hurts” singer works up an appetite and says, “Bitch, I’m hungry,” while pulling out a container of chips. “Where the hell is my wine at?” she then asks aggressively ruffling through the bag to reveal a large bottle of red wine.

Lizzo Tiny Bag TikTok
Credit: Lizzo/ Instagram

When her friend asks what Lizzo is wearing that night, the star takes out a neon lace ensemble saying, “I was thinking this.” Her friend replies: “Oh that’s cute as f—.”

Lizzo Tiny Bag TikTok
Credit: Lizzo

Lastly, to her surprise, Lizzo pulls out a long, brown wig. “Girl, what the f—? Shelby, I don’t have room for this in my bag,” Lizzo ironically says.

Lizzo Tiny Bag TikTok

Fans loved seeing what was hidden inside her bag.

“Mary Poppins has nothing on Lizzo,” one Twitter user wrote, adding the praising hands emoji.

Tech entrepreneur, Jeffrey Fermin, replied on Twitter: “I was hoping it was chicken nuggets. Guess the ‘Truth Hurts.'”

Another was sold on the handbag style commenting, “i wanna start carrying around tiny purses like lizzo.”

The rapper is known for wearing ironically small handbags and donned what’s possibly the world’s smallest purse by Valentino at the 2019 AMAs.

“There’s only three in the world,” Lizzo revealed on the red carpet, as cameras zoomed in on her miniature accessory. But the size didn’t stop her from joking about the necessities she had packed: “I got tampons in here, a flask of tequila, condoms,” she said.

She paired the miniature white purse with a ruffled, coral-colored one-shouldered mini dress and strappy Stuart Weitzman sandals.

Credit: Rich Fury/Getty Images

She shared a photo of the bag on Instagram writing, “@maisonvalentino bag big enough for my f—ks to give,” she wrote. “Big body bitch in a Valentin-HO custom look for @amas ??.”