The country star launched a country-meets-rock-meets-feminine-meets-tomboy line (yes, it's a little bit of everything)

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If there’s one thing Karen Fairchild of Little Big Town loves as much as singing country music, it’s fashion.

“No one likes glitz and glamour better than Nashville girls,” she tells PeopleStyle during a visit to our New York offices recently.

Therefore, the “Girl Crush” and “Better Man” singer is a hardcore shopper: “I love to find a pawn shop as much as I like a high-end boutique,” she says. “And I know vintage dealers across the country. Nashville girls in particular are good at mixing their high-end stuff with their vintage — and I’m a collector. I’m always looking to incorporate vintage things into my looks. It’s fun.”

So, what better way to channel her love of fashion than her own clothing line? And that’s just what she did, launching Fair Child, a new country-meets-rock-meets-feminine-meets-tomboy line (yes, it’s a little bit of everything) that’s now available at

“It’s basically anything that I would wear,” she says of her collection. “I finally have the platform and the resources to make a collection based on what the fans continue to ask me about with where my pieces came from. That’s the way it started.”

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It also draws upon years of her experimenting with fashion, first when she made her own clothes with her local tailor growing up, then making her own dresses for fraternity formals in college and then creating custom looks with her stylist Karla Welch (who also works with Sarah Paulson, Elisabeth Moss, Ruth Negga, Karlie Kloss and more) for the red carpet.

“[Designing] is very similar to if I sat down to write a song,” she explains. “You start with an idea. And this is the same thing— you find a beautiful piece of fabric or an inspiration and you start there. With songs, you could be writing the anthem of someone’s life or something that deeply connects with them, and with fashion, you could be creating something that makes you feel great when you go to the grocery store.”

Ultimately, her goal with the line is to make women feel great at grocery stores and beyond. “I like to mix up things and I think an outfit should have something unexpected in it,” she says. “That’s the fun of it! It’s a great way to express yourself.”

“If I feel good in my clothes, I feel at ease,” she says. “On stage, I’ll change down to the last second if I’m not feeling it because it so affects the way I perform. It does make you feel powerful when it feels right.”

Below, Fairchild picks out a few of her favorites.

Credit: Courtesy Fair Child

“I’ve always been a fan of lace,” she says. “I used to go find beautiful pieces of lace from a fabric store, and I’ve been known to tie a piece of lace around me as a bra for award shows!”

Credit: Courtesy Fair Child

“I love whimsical pieces,” she says. “I wear this one all the time.”

Credit: Courtesy Macy's

“My bandmate [Kimberly Schlapman] is the girlie girl, so sometimes I make things that I think reflect her personality, like this dress. When I saw this fabric, I was like, ‘We have to put butterflies all over it!’”

Credit: Courtesy Macy's

“This wasn’t the right camo at first, like it wasn’t real enough, so they had to redo it, and now it is,” she says.

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