Lisa Vanderpump is helping Kyle Richards replenish her handbag collection after devastating home burglary earlier this year

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills starKyle Richards’ brand new mansion was burglarized over the holidays, and the star is still recovering from having all of her sentimental and high-end jewelry and handbags stolen.

“Every single piece of jewelry or handbag you see on this season is gone,” she told host Andy Cohen at the RHOBH reunion episode. “Just watching the séance the other night — I keep seeing things [I had]. Watching the show was kind of hard sometimes because I see myself setting the table and there was a big purple ring that was engraved from my dad to my mom and it’s just gone.”

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Richards revealed that she lost over $1 million in jewelry alone. But the hardest pieces to lose were heirlooms passed down from her late mother, which she had planned to give to her daughters.

Luckily, she has some very nice (and generous) friends who are helping her cope and build up her collection again.

“I did send her a Chanel handbag for her birthday,” Lisa Vanderpump revealed on the reunion. “And she was literally in tears on the phone. She said it’s the sweetest thing anybody’s done. And I just said, ‘Well here we go let’s start again.'”

Vanderpump gifted her close friend of a decade a red Chanel stunner (similar envelope-style clutches retail for $3,600).

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It’s an extra sweet gesture considering the longtime friends had moments of tension and feuding throughout the season.

After Richards was accused of taking Teddy Mellencamp Arroyave’s side in an argument, she felt that Dorit Kemsley and Vanderpump ganged up on her during a dinner. Vanderpump was so fed up she sped off from the dinner in her car and it spurred an ongoing argument between Richards and Vanderpump about the depth of their friendship throughout the rest of the season.

It’s nice to see the pair get along, especially when Richards is still recovering from the ordeal – of which none of her things have been recovered.

“The material things, yes they can be replaced, but they also hurt,” she told PEOPLE. “I feel embarrassed to say that, but those are things that were either given to me by someone that I care about or that I worked really hard for. So it hurts no matter what.”

She added, “Everything my mother, who passed away, had ever collected and saved to give to me — that I had always envisioned of passing on to my four daughters — was gone. Even my children’s baby bracelets. Obviously those are the things that hurt the most, things that I can’t replace. They’re completely invaluable.”

When asked if she thinks she’s going to stay in her new home for long, she still hasn’t made up her mind yet. “After we were burglarized it really rocked my world, having things taken from me,” she said. “But hopefully I’m going to get past it and it’s going to be amazing. I’ve spoken to so many people who have been burglarized and they get over it and they’re fine. And it’s a beautiful house, so we’ll see but I don’t know yet.”