The modern accessories brand — famous for its whimsical yet witty designs — tapped the equally-cheeky reality star to promote its Spring 2021 line of handbags, decor and games

By Hanna Flanagan
September 11, 2020 05:11 PM

In light of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, many fashion labels are opting out of traditional runway shows and presentations this season, instead debuting new collections to a limited audience or through imaginative virtual experiences. And Edie Parker is the latest brand to test the waters.

The modern accessories label — famous for its whimsical yet witty designs — tapped none other than Lisa Rinna to promote its Spring 2021 line of handbags, decor and games in a beyond cheeky informational that dropped this Friday on YouTube.

Edie Parker/YouTube

Inspired by Rinna's apperanes on QVC (have you seen her model her cardigan dusters?), the clip starts off with a bang: "Talk about fresh as a f---king daisy," the reality star quips, as she shows a bright yellow acrylic handbag with a matching chain. "Call now and your wildest dreams will come true, and that’s an absolute promise."

Next, the Bravo celeb marvels over Edie Parker's latest homewear designs and demonstrates how she uses a vanity tray. "Whatever pills you take at night, you just pour 'em right out!" she says while dumping out her hefty stash. "I mean, is this not gorgeous?!"

Edie Parker/YouTube

Rinna also references many iconic scenes from past seasons of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, including the Capri-themed room Dorit Kemsley designed inside Los Angeles' Buca di Beppo restaurant (I mean, come on! Edie Parker's lemon-colored handbag was practically begging for that shout out).

"Our lines are blowing up, and the Internet is down in several countries," Rinna jokes. "Hurry up, because they're going fast."

And, of course, Rinna — who is always in on the joke — seamlessly name drops husband Harry Hamlin several times. "I mean, look at Harry in pink," she says, while pointing to a handsome throwback photo of the actor, displayed in an Eddie Parker picture frame. "Harry in a pink frame? Need I say more?"

Throughout the segment, the star also breaks out into song ("Watermelon Sugar" by Harry Styles), jokingly recalls asking Kemsley if people were "doing coke" in the bathroom at one of her dinner parties in a 2017 episode of RHOBH and mentions the moment former co-star Kim Richards famously made her cry a "single tear" during the season 7 reunion.

"That was pretty amazing," Rinna says, adding, "Don't ever forget it."