The Lisa Rinna Collection designer said she's not going to stop voicing her opinions despite any backlash

Lisa Rinna won't let anyone stop her from voicing her political views.

The designer of the Lisa Rinna Collection, which is sold exclusively at QVC, spoke out on her Instagram Story on Wednesday after critics she described as "Karens" allegedly complained to the company and attempted to get her booted because of her political beliefs.

"I am sad to report it would now seem I can't use my platform to inform or question or say how I feel politically because the Karen's have bombarded QVC begging them to fire me and saying they will no longer buy my clothes," Rinna wrote.

"It is a shame that I must be muzzled in order to support my family but that it just what it is. Remember you know how I feel. Use your voice and vote," she continued.

Lisa Rinna
Credit: Lisa Rinna/Instagram

In another post on her Instagram Story filled with stickers that said "QUEER," "PROUD TO BE PROUD," "BLACK TRANS LIVES MATTERS," and "THIS FIGHT AIN'T OVER," Rinna made it clear that she's proud to voice her opinions. "I will be on the right side of history and in the end THAT IS WHAT MATTERS MOST," she wrote.

The internet has started using the name "Karen" to describe a woman who acts entitled or demanding beyond what is considered appropriate. The New York Times described a "Karen" as the "policewomen of all human behavior" in a 2019 piece.

Lisa Rinna
Credit: John Tsiavis/Bravo

While it's not exactly clear which of Rinna's social media posts the "Karens" were upset by, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, 56, has posted in support of the Black Lives Matter movement numerous times, Pride Month and the recent Supreme Court decision prohibiting discrimination against LGBTQ people in the workplace.

One day after Rinna put her haters on blast, the star shared another message on her Instagram Story vowing that she will continue to speak her mind.

Lisa Rinna
Credit: Lisa Rinna/Instagram

"I have decided not to shut up. 😜 Ever," she wrote, adding the stickers "Speak Up," "Vote" and "Black Lives Matter."

"And I will take whatever consequences come with standing in my truth! And... f--k off 'Karen.'"

The Bravo star launched her best-selling line on QVC in 2012.

PEOPLE has reached out to Rinna's rep and QVC for comment.