Lisa Rinna Says Husband Harry Hamlin Prefers Her Makeup and Wig-Free: 'He Likes Classic Rinna'

"When I got out with Harry Hamlin, he prefers... no makeup, no glam — just a simple, classic T-shirt and jeans," Lisa Rinna tells PEOPLE

Harry Hamlin has seen Lisa Rinna in one glamorous, red-carpet look after the next during the course of their 25-year marriage. But the look he prefers her in most, she says, doesn't involve heavy makeup, elaborate wigs, or fancy dresses at all.

During an interview with PEOPLE to promote her new line of "Larger Than Life" Lip Plumping glosses, the Rinna Beauty founder revealed that Hamlin, 70, likes a more au naturel look on his wife.

"When I got out with Harry Hamlin, he prefers what we call the 'Class Rinna,' " she explained. "So no makeup, no glam — just a simple, classic T-shirt and jeans. '90s Rinna!"

That means no wigs, either, though Rinna admits Hamlin gets a kick out of her ever-changing collection of hairdos.

"The wigs are fun for him!" she says. "He comes in and goes, 'Who are we tonight?' They're fun. But he likes my hair like I usually wear it, in my regular cut. That's what he prefers."

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Rinna and Hamlin celebrate their 25-year wedding anniversary this month.

Back in February, the pair opened up to PEOPLE about the secret to their long, happy marriage, Hamlin explaining that they work because they're "diametrically opposite."

"I like going up to the mountains, and her idea of camping is anything below the 10th floor of the Four Seasons," he said, Rinna adding, "We have nothing in common. We're both kind people, but we have nothing in common. Zero, zip, zilch."

The two — who are parents to daughters Delilah Belle, 24, and Amelia Gray, 21 — met at a restaurant while both were in other relationships. "I was married, so I wasn't thinking beyond that, but I do recall being stricken by her beauty," Hamlin remembered.

"You were Harry Hamlin!" Rinna said, in their joint interview. "You were the Sexiest Man Alive, big movie star, you were starring in L.A. Law. I was starstruck!"

"You were starstruck and I was love-struck," he said.

Hamlin's love for Rinna's stripped-down glam might have to do with how she looked on their first date. "I'd just come from work [on The Days of Our Lives] and had no makeup on," Rinna told PEOPLE. "So I guess I wasn't playing that hard to get."

lisa rinna and harry hamlin

Another thing that makes their relationship work? How supportive they are of one another. Hamlin's even tried on products in Rinna Beauty's cosmetic line before.

"This is for men or women. It's unisex, honey!" Rinna told him in January in a video on Instagram, as he tried out her lip enhancer. "Your lips are going to be moist and fabulous."

Rinna Beauty also has a new lip plumper. Designed to increase lip volume and moisture while decreasing lip lines, Rinna's lip plumper collection features six colorful shades, all with an ultra-reflective sheen that gives lips an immediate and fuller, fabulous facade.

"Your lips will be bigger," Rina tells PEOPLE, "And believe me, I know bigger! I mean, come on — it seems like if I didn't do a plumper, it would be a lost opportunity, don't you think?"

Rinna Beauty
Rinna Beauty

It sure would be. Rinna's lips are instantly recognizable. The star originated the fuller-lip look long before it became a red-carpet staple, putting permanent plumper into her top lip when she was just 23 years old (she was inspired by seeing Barbara Hershey's full pout in the 1988 film Beaches).

Part of the appeal to her "Larger than Life" lip plumping glosses is that one can get their desired fullness without a needle. "This is doctor-free plumped up lips," she says of the product, which uses collagen peptides to plump. "It really works. It really plums your lips. Use this for 28 days, you will have bigger lips. No appointment necessary!"

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Rinna's lip plumpers retail for $24 each. Three shades — red, peach, and a frost — are out now, while the rest of the colors will launch in April.

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