Lisa Rinna Recalls Her Late Mother Lois' Best Beauty Advice: 'She Knew What Worked for Her'

"Lois was so beloved," Lisa Rinna tells PEOPLE of her late mother, who died in November 2021 at the age of 93

Lisa Rinna and Lois Rinna
Lisa Rinna and Lois Rinna. Photo: Charley Gallay/Getty

Lisa Rinna's late mother Lois imparted invaluable beauty advice on her daughter over the years.

During an interview with PEOPLE to promote her new line of "Larger Than Life" Lip Plumping glosses, Rinna reflected on some of the wise lessons Lois shared with her — many of which Rinna says she still holds dear.

"Lois was very particular, but she was never high maintenance," Rinna recalls. "She never left the house without makeup, ever — never left that house without lipstick. She had to be done and dressed. But she was not complicated in any way. She would use products like Oil of Olay, Retin-A, and Dove soap, for years and years and years. She knew what worked for her and she stuck with it."

Rinna admired how her mother stayed loyal to her routine.

"I go the other way, and will try and use anything to see if it works or doesn't. But watching Lois, I learned about consistency," says Rinna. "I learned about the importance of finding what works for you. That worked for her. And hey, her whole life, she looked great!"

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star went on to reflect on things her mom would often repeat, which Rinna dubbed "Lois-isms."

"I'm actually more low maintenance than her because I never wear makeup when I'm not working. And she would say to me things like, 'If you just put a little bit of blush on, you'll feel better. I promise you. Just a little blush before you go out, you'll feel better,' " Rinna says, with a laugh. "She'd say, 'Do what works for you, but, a little blush would really help you out.' Just these little Lois-isms that I still think about now and go, 'Oh my God, I love her and I miss her.' "

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Lois died in November 2021 at the age of 93 after suffering a stroke. "She was a survivor and the strongest person I've ever met," Rinna wrote on social media at the time. "Heaven has a new angel."

She even made a reference of Lois' steadfast style, teasing that her mom "had the same hairdo for 75 years bitches" (a nod to past criticism Rinna herself received for not changing her own hairdo — a remark that Rinna said actually inspired her to star wearing wigs).

Since her death, Rinna has periodically shared photos and videos of Lois on social media. It's something she tells PEOPLE she plans to keep doing, especially since her mother's appearances on RHOBH built her such a strong fan base.

"Lois was so beloved," Rinna says. "It was such an honor to share her with the world. And those posts, they keep her alive."

Viewers will get to see Lois' passing play out on the upcoming season of RHOBH, and the impact it had on Rinna. "It will be difficult going through this season because I'm going to have to relive [her death] again, but in a way that's going to be really beautiful to share with the audience and the fans," Rinna says. "It'll be a good thing in the end. It will be hard, but it will be a good thing."

Lisa Rinna Pays Tribute to Mom Lois In Pictures: ‘The Strongest Person I’ve Ever Met’
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As she's been coping with Lois' death, Rinna has also been going through the painful steps of cleaning out her mother's belongings.

Throughout that process, she's uncovered some of Lois' clothing that she'll be holding onto, including one particularly sentimental item.

"There's a lot," Rinna says. "We just went through and got everything and moved out of her place. I saved a leopard sweater. I mean, Lois had some fabulous leather jackets and some things, but I saved this leopard sweater that seemed to really be appropriate."

And as a mother of two daughters her own — Delilah Belle, 24, and Amelia Gray, 21, whom she shares with husband Harry Hamlin — Rinna is now in the position to depart style and beauty advice on to her daughters just as Lois did to her.

What is she telling them? "What other people think about you is none of your business," Rinna tells PEOPLE of her girls. "That's my biggest piece of advice to them. Harry Hamlin always says that, too. In this day and age, they're scrutinized in a way that we never were. Not growing up with social media was a blessing for us. They've grown up with it, so the scrutiny on them is so much more. And I tell them, 'What other people think of you is none of your business. Just stay true to who you are and ignore everyone else.'

Lois would be proud.

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