The 16-year-old model opens up about her latest modeling gig, battling an eating disorder and more

Earlier this year Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin‘s 16-year-old daughter, model Amelia Gray Hamlin, revealed that she’s recovering from an eating disorder. She shared her story in an open and honest Instagram post and decided to get personal as a way to inspire others who are dealing with their own body image insecurities and illnesses. “One in 200 women in the US suffer from anorexia. And I want to help,” she wrote in April.

Now, the up-and-coming model is fronting a new fashion campaign for Hudson Jeans’ fall 2018 collection and she’s continuing to spread her inspiring message along the way.

PEOPLE chatted with Hamlin all about her new gig, her stylish family (find out what she swipes from her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills‘ mom’s closet) and why she feels it’s important to spread a body positive message on social media. Check out her whole interview below and get a glimpse of Hamlin behind-the-scenes at her Hudson photo shoot.

Amelia BTS 1
Credit: Courtesy Ian Morrison

PEOPLE: Do you to remember the first pair of Hudson Jeans you ever wore?

AMELIA GRAY: They were actually my mom’s. She has a huge drawer of jeans, which she obviously doesn’t wear. But I would just take them.

PEOPLE: What’s your ideal denim style?

AG: High-waisted, kind of baggy and straight legs. I really won’t buy a pair of jeans that go down to my waist.

PEOPLE: Why did you want to team with Hudson?

AG: I initially wanted to team with Hudson because I feel like the team empowers women to be strong and shooting this campaign has been beautiful.

Amelia BTS 3 Dani Michelle Style
Credit: Courtesy Ian Morrison

PEOPLE: Do you ever take stuff from your sister Delilah Belle’s closet?

AG: Yeah, we share everything, but we never wear it the same way. I wear a pair of her pants and she wears a pair of mine but it doesn’t look like she’s wearing my pants.

PEOPLE: How would you describe your style compared to Delilah Belle’s style?

AG: Pretty much, like night and day. Her color palette is a lot lighter and brighter and she likes to wear heels and stuff like that. But I’m the kind of person that likes to make things more casual and she wants to dress it up a little more. I definitely feel that my philosophy is “less is more” but it works for different people.

PEOPLE: Kaia Gerber is a fellow Hudson Jeans ambassador. Have you gotten any modeling advice from other people in the industry?

AG: Yeah, I think one of the biggest things we talk about how lucky and humbled we are. How grateful we are to be living this experience at such a young age. It can be hard and kind of stressful, but we are so lucky.

PEOPLE: If you could raid any Housewives’ closet besides your moms, whose would it be?

AG: I would say the person who comes to mind is probably Lisa Vanderpump because I don’t own anything pink. A pink bag would be kind of nice.

Amelia BTS 2 (Dani Michelle, Joey Maulouf, Castillo)
Credit: Courtesy Ian Morrison

PEOPLE: How do you balance your career with being a student?

AG: I went to a traditional high school and then I decided to home school when I started working and traveling. I love school, and I love learning. The home school program that I do is pretty traditional, so it’s easy for me to balance both.

PEOPLE: And you just went to prom! So exciting. Tell us about your prom look.

AG: I just chose to wear something I thought was really cute, and really dope and I expressed myself. I just wanted a really cool dress, and I wore Nike sneakers. Everyone at the end of the night was like, ‘Wow, you’re so lucky to be wearing sneakers.’ I just like to keep it casual.

PEOPLE: Where do you get your fashion inspiration from?

AG: I really like ’90s style, but I kind of make it modern and it turns into a boyish vibe. But I really like ’90s style, the jeans, the simple white T-shirt, but then of course I make it a crop top. I make it more modern.

PEOPLE: You’re very open about body image on your social media and have shard your own struggles with your followers. Why was that important to you?

AG: I think it’s important because at the end of the day I think a lot of people forget that no matter the industry or what job you have, we are all human beings. It’s nice to be able to connect with my social media followers and once I opened up about it, I felt more like a person.

PEOPLE: How did you feel about the outpouring of support from your fans?

AG: I was really surprised. I wasn’t sure what the response would be at first, but I was so surprised and so proud of myself for helping people. That’s something that I love to do.

PEOPLE: Did you get advice from your mom before going public with your anorexia battle?

AG: No, I did it myself. I am a human being and I don’t want to beat around the bush.