By anniedaly
Updated December 01, 2020 07:45 PM

Courtesy Lisa O Instagram

We have a new member of the Short Hair, Don’t Care club, a group that’s grown significantly in the past few weeks: Jack Osbourne’s wife Lisa. It’s been quite a month for the couple. First they announce they’re expecting their second child, then they tell us Jack is going to join the cast of Dancing with the Stars and now a brand new ‘do for Lisa, who went from below-the-shoulder brunette locks to a dirty-blonde crop.

So, what prompted this drastic cut? Was it Boboncé fever? Nope. “I got tired of trying to grow my hair out. It gets to my shoulders and just stops, every time,” she tells PEOPLE exclusively, adding that she’s had short (and blonde!) hair in the past, but never this cropped in the back.

Osbourne also didn’t waste too much time thinking about her new hairstyle before heading to the salon. “I’m pretty hasty with decisions. I planned it for, like, three days. I find if I ponder over something for too long, it never happens.”

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We have to say we’re glad she didn’t mull over the decision because we think she looks gorgeous with short hair — and so does her husband. “My first thought was, ‘Holy crap, I hope Jack likes it,'” she tells PEOPLE. “He does — he loves me with any type of short hair.”

The star gives major credit to her stylist (“my girl,” in her words) Terra Shapiro (who’s at Juan Salon in Sherman Oaks, Calif.) for making her amazing cut happen: “She is a hair genius, goddess and amazing friend.”

We’ll be seeing plenty of Lisa’s new look on the small screen, as she plans to support her man as he puts on his dancin’ shoes.

“I’ve seen video of Jack at rehearsals, and he is a natural,” she tells PEOPLE. “You can definitely expect to see me cheering him on as well as [16-month-old daughter] Pearl. She has lots of pretty frocks she’s ready to show off in the ballroom!”

Tell us: What do you think of Lisa’s shorter, blonder style?

–Annie Daly