Lisa Loeb's Eyewear Line: A Clear Vision

Janet Mayer/PR Photos

“I was always recognized by my glasses,” says Lisa Loeb. “I liked to find glasses that were a little bit different, where the shape was different and the color was different.” Her love of totally fun frames led the singer — and mom-to-be — to launch her own line, Lisa Loeb Eyewear, in 2009. Now thriving, the collection includes a wide variety of styles inspired (and modeled!) by Loeb herself. She tells PEOPLE that her favorites include the rectangular “Everyday” and wider “Hello Lisa” — “those are the closest to my signature cat-eye style,” she explains — and that shoppers enjoy the Ray Ban-esque “Sandalwood” and whimsical “Wishing Heart” frames. “Most of them have some kind of lift … it lifts your face and lifts your eyes, which I think is important for women wearing glasses,” she explains. Loeb, who’s worn glasses since high school and prefers them to contacts, says it’s most important that her customers feel comfortable and look good in their glasses. “When people feel confident, I feel like they are more themselves,” she shares. And so far, it seems to be working. “People always tell me that when I wear glasses … they’re excited to wear them, instead of being embarrassed that they have to wear them,” she says. “And that’s important to me.” —Reporting by Dahvi Shira


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