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Updated December 21, 2009 06:30 PM

Justine Ungaro & SOTA Dzine

Though Lisa Loeb rose to fame as a singer, she’s probably just as well known for her eyeglasses. Loeb is finally cashing in on her signature look, partnering with Classique Eyewear on a line of frames called “The LL Collection.” “People have been asking me about my eyewear style for years. Finally I decided – why not design my own line – so other people can see the world like I do,” she says. The new series includes streamlined pieces in black and tortoiseshell, as well as embellished options punctuated with rhinestones and etchings. “I worked with Classique Eyewear to design a line that represents the look I love: one that can be worn from day into night, that’s classic but stylish, that frames the face and lifts the eyes, but doesn’t speak before you have a chance to,” she declares. The star goes on to describe her aesthetic: “My eyewear generally has a cat-eyed look. Think sexy librarian, not retro grandma,” and says that her new collection was created largely for “women with style,” but that “some frames are more unisex and could look cute on stylish men, too!” Each item is named after one of her songs, and will be available for purchase in spring of next year. For more info, visit Tell us: Are you excited for Lisa’s new line of glasses? –Emily Hsieh