The brand has started a Kickstarter with Glamour Dolls to fund their forthcoming technicolor makeup line

By Emily Kirkpatrick
February 16, 2017 05:42 PM
Lisa Frank/Glamour Dolls
Credit: Courtesy Glamour Dolls

For a certain contingent of the millennial generation, the name Lisa Frank will forever hold a special place in our hearts. With its technicolor cartoon animals living in a world of ice cream and candy punctuated with pops of rainbow-hued cheetah print, the brand and their line of products quickly came to define many twenty-somethings’ childhood. So it makes sense that with all the ’90s nostalgia we’re currently experiencing, Frank is also having a major resurgence. First, with an out-of-left-field clothing collaboration, and now with a beauty line you never knew you needed, launching a Kickstarter to fund their new cosmetics collaboration. And not only are they creating the makeup collection of your dreams, but they want you to help design it.

The company announced their forthcoming endeavor in conjunction with cruelty-free, vegan makeup company Glamour Dolls on Thursday, posting their initiative to Kickstarter asking for $30,000 and offering just a single, tantalizing $5 angled blush brush with pink bristles and a handle covered in unicorns for pre-sale. Frank has plans to launch six more products at least, depending on funding, which would include: “Lip Balm, Matte Mousse, Liquid Liner, Unicorn Lippie, Highlight Powder, and a Vegan Leather Makeup Bag.”

Lisa Frank/Glamour Dolls

And those who contribute to the campaign will also play a major role in deciding the future of the collection. Fans who donate will get to help vote on product names, pick shades, follow the development of each product, get a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the cosmetics, and get to be the first to see the finished product.

For those who aren’t deeply familiar with the history of the company, Lisa Frank isn’t just a flawless line of back-to-school products, it’s also the name of the real woman and CEO who is responsible for coming up with all of these products covered in whimsical, rainbow-hued little creatures.

Lisa Frank Kickstarter makeup collaboration
Credit: Courtesy Kickstarter

The brand’s mysterious founder, who is rarely photographed, did offer up some personal insight into her beauty preferences via the collaboration’s Kickstarter campaign. Though really, we probably should have guessed this would be a woman who loves a purple lip and a rainbow nail.

Will you help crowd fund this makeup collaboration? Which product are you most excited about? Sound off below!