The Olympic skier compared her makeup-free face to her full glam look to show fans how products can transform your appearance
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Lindsey Vonn is pulling back the layers and showing how makeup can transform your look in an honest Instagram post.

The former Olympic skier, 36, shared side-by-side photos of herself taken on the exact same day — in one photo, she was completely glam in makeup and in the other, she embraced her barefaced skin. Vonn proudly showed off the difference between the two photos and explained that while she loves getting glam, it's important to remember that true beauty comes from within.

"Same person, same day... all that changed was makeup. I love getting glammed up when I have photoshoots and events, but underneath Im still the same person with the same feelings and things Im going through," Vonn captioned the Instagram post.

"In the world of IG filters and makeup hacks, I always remind myself that true beauty is the character your bring to every room... everything else washes off! ♥️," she added.

Fans were happy to see Vonn's honesty in her post. "Thank you for being a role model to girls. You are beautiful in both, but your authentic self shines even more brightly in your photo without makeup," one person commented.

Someone else said: "You are beautiful both ways. Made up and without makeup ❤️😍."

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Vonn recently told PEOPLE that despite the challenges of the past year, the COVID-19 pandemic helped her discover "what's important" and what makes her most "happy."

"During this crazy time, I realized that working out helps me a lot mentally. It was kind of what kept me on a good path and was something that motivated me every day," she said. "Sometimes you take things for granted and, because I've done it my whole life, I kind of didn't value it as much as I do now."

Vonn added: "I think with the pandemic, you realize a lot of things — not just about working out, but generally speaking in life — of what's important and what makes you happy and keeps you motivated."