Lindsay Lohan's back in the acting game and taking on the haters with a radiant makeup-free selfie

By Emily Kirkpatrick
Updated November 18, 2015 04:12 PM

The L.A. nightlife constant-turned-British bon vivant, Lindsay Lohan, is no stranger to making headlines for style-related reasons, but the reaction is frequently, shall we say, mixed. But her latest foray into attention-garnering social media is getting rave reviews: a fresh-faced, glowing early-A.M. snap, in which the star appears to be wearing barely a drop of makeup.

Courtesy of Lindsay Lohan

Typically, when Lohan’s Instagram account makes the news it’s to underscore her questoinable photoshop skills, point out a cryptic 9/11 memorial caption that reads more like spoken word poetry, or to ponder the puzzling choice of dressing up as Sharon Tate on Charles Manson’s birthday. But it’s hard to take issue with the latest missive from Lohan’s social media: Not only has Lohan nabbed her first film acting role since 2013’s The Canyon, titled The Shadow Within, but she celebrated her second day of shooting by posting a luminous makeup-free selfie from bed.

Lohan is undeniably radiant in the snap, sporting the red locks and freckles audiences fell in love with during her days as a Parent Trap ingenue. But this au naturel reinvention also begs the question: is the world really ready for a full-blown Lindsay Lohan comeback? If it comes in the form of a Mean Girls reboot with the original cast, we’re guessing the answer is:

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What do you think of Lindsay’s makeup-free selfie? Do you prefer it when she looks natural or all done up?

–Emily Kirkpatrick