The actress leaves a Los Angeles salon with soft red hair

By Kate Hogan
Updated March 09, 2012 03:30 PM


New work, new hair … is Lindsay Lohan actually staging a comeback?

The actress returned to her roots Thursday, entering a Los Angeles salon with blonde hair and leaving with red. Lohan rose to fame as a redhead, sporting the locks in her early hits like The Parent Trap and Mean Girls. After her trip to the salon, Lohan ran errands with sis Ali — who happened to cut her hair earlier this week.

Lohan has changed hair colors a lot in recent years, generally bouncing between brunette and bright blonde. So perhaps her return to red signifies yet another change; last week, she told Matt Lauer that partying “isn’t my thing anymore,” and last month, a Los Angeles judge told her she “seems to be getting [her] life back on track.” Tell us: Do you like Lohan best as a redhead?