Linda Evangelista Reveals the Reason She Hasn't Had Botox in Over a Year

The model opens up about her partnership with Erasa XEP-30

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As one of the most major supermodels to date, Linda Evangelista has graced hundreds of magazine covers, walked every runway, and has done everything imaginable in the name of fashion and beauty. She's had access to facials, treatments and products galore, meaning she knows what works and what doesn't — so she's an expert in her own right. But it wasn't until Evangelista was blown away by a new skincare product, Erasa XEP-30, that she decided to officially make her way into the beauty industry. And now, as the creative director and vice president of the brand, she's telling us what got her hooked — and why now it takes a lot less than $10,000 a day to get her out of bed.

Evangelista tells PeopleStyle that on one lazy evening, she skipped her multi-step skincare regimen assigned to her by esthetician Georgia Louise and instead reached for the one product on her bedside table, Erasa XEP-30, which Louise's husband had asked her to try. "It was sitting next to my bed, so I said 'Eh, let me put some on'. I kept looking at my regimen and saying 'pass' and just went for the Erasa instead. And after a couple of weeks, I looked in my magnifying mirror, and my skin looked … good. By the third week, I noticed, my melasma is paler and my pores are smaller."


But after her fourth week, Evangelista ran out of the product — so she contacted the chemist, Julius Zecchino, who spent 18 years creating products for Esteé Lauder before launching his own product.

"I had to meet the creator, I wanted to meet the Steve Jobs of skincare. It was like getting my first Apple computer — I was hooked," Evangelista says. "I had used products that worked, but none that I was running to meet the chemist."

A year later, her skin has transformed. "I haven't had Botox this year, and I haven't had Fraxel lasers in over a year. And I don't have concealer on today," she says, gesturing to her (admittedly ageless) skin.

And she didn't stop at simply meeting Zecchino. Evangelista has now joined him in his pursuit to create skincare products — a task she loves, whether or not it involves waking up for $10,000 a day (as she once famously told Vogue she wouldn't do).

"You know when you get up and the alarm clock goes off and you say, 'I have to get up and I have to go to work?'" she said. "I'm now so excited about the day, that we get to go to the lab and powwow and bring in our notes and test. I hope we can make a lot of people happy."

Evangelista also raves that her skincare regimen has gotten much shorter, cutting it down to just a few products. There is one step, though, that she'll never cut out no matter how good her skin gets.

"I brush my teeth in the shower. Then this is my first layer, and then moisturizer with sunscreen. I always put on SPF before I go out the door," she says. "And I like doing my makeup in front of a window with a handheld mirror, so you can see the true colors and you can blend better in daylight."

At night, it's all about hydration before she applies her skincare. "I'm an all or nothing person. I'd always put my hand cream on — my mom always said you have to put your hand cream on before you go to bed — and I put lip balm on. And in the winter I have humidifiers – pop those on."

Who knew getting supermodel skin was such a cinch?

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