Lily Collins Remembers Her 'Incredibly Special' Wedding Dress Fitting — on the 'Emily in Paris' Set!

The actress and newlywed also reveals a few of her favorite fashion moments from the hit Netflix series, including pinch-me moments in St. Tropez and Versailles

Lily Collins Charlie McDowell wedding
Charlie McDowell, Lily Collins. Photo: Cedar & Pines Photography

Lily Collins said yes to her wedding dress in an unexpected place — on location in St. Tropez, France, while filming season 2 of Emily in Paris!

Before the 33-year-old actress wore the exquisitely embroidered, high-necked Ralph Lauren gown while saying "I do" to writer/director Charlie McDowell last Sept. 4, her first fitting came on the heels of a long day on set.

"I did a night shoot," she said during a PaleyFest panel for the Netflix series on Sunday night in Hollywood. "We went to bed at five or six in the morning and then the next day I woke up at noon … for my first wedding dress fitting."

Her costar Ashley Park accompanied her to the fitting, adding a creative touch to ensure the day was unforgettable.

"She came in and sprinkled rose petals down the hallway so that it was something to always remember," revealed Collins, acknowledging that "it was [during] COVID, and it was a weird way to have wedding preparations."

She added, "I will forever remember that as incredibly special in my life."

Emily in Paris
Stéphanie Branchu/Netflix

As the series' title character Emily Cooper, Collins is known for her bright, bold fashion sense. One of the second season's standout looks — a statement red tulle dress — is actually one the actress herself would want to keep.

"I remember when I had the fitting for the red Versailles dress [for the season 2 finale]," she told PEOPLE. "There were multiple options and some of them were more subdued, and I needed to go to Versailles, so even if I don't want to wear a bold color, I feel Emily really wants to wear a bold color."

She continued of the once-in-a-lifetime moment: "I'll never forget sitting in the Hall of Mirrors just waiting to shoot with slippers on in a chair like this, with a coffee, in this dress, and being like, 'Where are we? What are we doing?'"

Lily Collins
Rodin Eckenroth/FilmMagic

Of course, portraying Emily is not all glitz and glamour. Strutting through Parisian cobblestone streets in high heels has had its drawbacks — and spurred more than a few doctor's appointments.

Collins recently told Jimmy Fallon she made weekly visits to a podiatrist to "fix her feet" while filming season 2.

"I felt ancient," she said of the custom insoles she required.

One person who can attest to Collins' work ethic is Lucien Laviscount, who joined the show in season 2 as Emily's British love interest, Alfie.

He told PEOPLE on the PaleyFest red carpet before the panel that he respects "how [Lily] leads a team. She works crazy hours, so much dialogue, and she always comes to set so present and giving and welcoming. ... I [felt] like the new kid in school. And she just really makes me feel at home."

Emily In Paris
stéphanie Branchu/Netflix

Laviscount will be returning as a series regular for at least the next season of Emily in Paris, which was just formally renewed through season 4.

Costar Lucas Bravo, who plays the other member of Emily's love triangle, told PEOPLE on the carpet he this his character "Gabriel needs to be alone for a bit. He needs to reflect on what he needs and what he wants."

Lucas Bravo
Carole Bethuel/Netflix

"He's been living a lot through Emily," said Bravo, 34. "I would love him maybe to go somewhere on his own and just explore a bit more than the restaurant and Emily."

As for Alfie, Laviscount, 29, is embracing his character's relaxed attitude toward the future. "I just think he just takes everything on the chin and rolls with it," he told PEOPLE. "And I get to work with Lily Collins, so everything's just great."

Seasons 1 and 2 of Emily in Paris are streaming now on Netflix.

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