Lily Collins Says Her 'Extra Chic' Bangs Are Here to Stay: 'There's a Sass to Them'

The Emily in Paris star shared her love for her signature look with Glamour

Lily Collins
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Lily Collins says her bangs and their "Frenchness" are here to stay.

In an interview published Wednesday with Glamour, the Emily in Paris star discussed her love for her signature 'do and gave some tips on the unexpected versatility of the hairstyle.

"Bangs," the fashion and beauty icon quickly replied when asked about her latest (and tried-and-true) beauty obsession.

"Honestly, they make a ponytail or a bun extra chic. Even if it's messy," Collins added. "It's just like, Oh, there's something that's different. And it shapes your face differently. There's a sass to them," she said, adding: "They also do really well in humidity. I know that seems weird, but they honestly do. My hair used to be not great in humidity, but now with bangs at least there's something on my forehead to look like something."

"There's a little Frenchness to it that I like," the Lancôme ambassador continued, "So I think I will keep them for a while. And you can wear them so many different ways. They can grow out and be curly. They can be shorter. I love them."

Lily Collins as Emily in episode 302 of Emily in Paris
Courtesy of Netflix

In a now iconic scene back in season 3 of Emily In Paris, Collins poured herself a glass of Rosé before getting out her scissors to indulge in a crisis haircut, or "trauma bangs," as they are somewhat playfully called, as Emily suffers over love life drama. Her roommate and bestie Mindy (Ashley Park) enters the bathroom and shouts, "Emily, no!"

When asked by Gabriel (Lucas Bravo) if she's OK, "They're just bangs!" she shrilled. "OK, sometimes people cut bangs when everything's fine!"

The look has been here to stay, both on-screen and off, ever since, though in real life, Gregory Russell did the honors of cutting her bangs ahead of the scene.

"Unlike Emily, I didn't cut these myself!" Collins shared via Instagram reel of the bang-cutting experience in December.

Lily Collins, Emily in Paris
Stéphanie Branchu/Netflix

As for a trend that Collins is not into? Thin brows, which are "back in," she told Glamour. "I'm like, 'No, I don't really like that at all,'" she shared. "I'm not into that. Never did work for me, so I can't ever do that," she admitted.

"When I was younger and trying to follow the trend of thin eyebrows, I did it myself and I looked ridiculous. It just never shaped my face correctly and I didn't feel like myself. But it was just because I wanted to follow the trend."

Standing by her decision that you don't have to follow every single trend, Collins shared some beauty advice from her mom, Jill Collins (who shares Lily with ex-husband and legendary rocker Phil Collins).

"The quirky things that make you different are what make you beautiful," Collins echoed of her mom's opinion. "There's only one of you in the world. I think it's easier to believe and trust that as an adult than it is when you're younger, but that really helped."

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Expanding more on her favorite hair look, Collins, who fans mainly see with perfectly blow-dried hair on her hit Netflix show, says she loves her hair best because "it air dries."

When prompted by the outlet as to whether or not she uses any beauty products to help with the air-dry look she responded: "Honestly, I don't. It's more about air-drying it naturally with nothing in it. But then when I want to keep my hair looking messy [but clean], I've always loved dry shampoo," she said, adding, "Living Proof's dry shampoo is the be-all and end-all of dry shampoos because it doesn't leave a residue, it smells great and it actually works. I always have the travel size in my bag anywhere I go."

"And even with bangs now," she said, circling back to her favorite look, "I don't want to always have to wash my hair, so just putting a little in the roots and letting it go is the best way of dealing with it."

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