The star reveals her eyebrows have a huge following
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From her spot-on red carpet style to her coveted lob, Lily Collins is a style and beauty inspiration — and she’s only 27. But type her name into YouTube and there’s one category that immediately comes up: her bold eyebrows. Over the years, the beauty chameleon has managed to keep her perfectly bushy eyebrows safe from the dangers of over-tweezing, which is probably why they have their own Twitter account.

In an interview with IMDb at the Sundance Film Festival, Collins shares that there is in fact an entire account dedicated to her brows. “They have a life of their own, they don’t get their own title credit card but one day. There is a Twitter account apparently dedicated to my brows. I do not tweet on it, but they do literally have a life of their own, they talk about who they’ve seen today.”

And her fans don’t only take to twitter to appreciate them. The star told Conan O’Brien last year that “they ask to touch them” when they meet her. So if you’re equally enthusiastic about her look, try a tinted brow gel like Lancôme’s Sourcils Styler, which will darken your strands while shaping them into a Collins-approved bushy look.

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