Lily Allen Dishes on Sales, Maternity Wear and Smoking


Singer Lily Allen arrived at early this morning on a horse-drawn carriage to be greeted by the Harrod’s owner Mohamed Al Fayed and opened the famous sale in cheeky mode telling the eager crowds: “I have had a preview and there is not much left!” Dressed in a black sequined sleeveless dress by Jasmine di Milo and silver high heels, Allen toured the store, while giggling like a kid in a candy store. Some stops included the fine jewelry department where she posed wearing a diamond watch by Chopard and a necklace by Cartier. On what she will be wearing in 2008 she exclaimed: “Maternity clothes!” She also confessed that she hadn’t found out yet what hip and stylish moms-to-be wear, but she has declined offers to design her own maternity line. “I am not the right person. My demographic is young girls and I don’t think it would be suitable.” Allen also proved to be a girls’ girl, honing in on “jewelry and handbags and shoes.” Any tips for finding a bargain? She told PEOPLE “I am not good at finding bargains. I am good at finding expensive ones.” One thing she is avoiding is cigarettes — the newly pregnant singer declared that she “has given up smoking.”

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