Lily Aldridge's 'Fall Refresh:' Shop Everything She Needs to Get Ready for the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show!

Lily Aldridge is a busy woman. She is a model, a designer and now, she's curating a collection of her life -- and you can shop it now!

Lily Aldridge has a life we wouldn’t mind being able to borrow [DASH] from her supermodel career to her hot hubby and cute kid and her side job designing clothes. Now she’s making it possible for us to “shop” the Aldridge experience by curating a collection for Gilt and Gilt City. The star pulled together a collection for the website rounding up the shoes, accessories and even lifestyle deals (such as her favorite BluePrint juices, restaurants and fitness boutiques) she loves in her personal life — and she chatted with PEOPLE about having it all, so to speak.

Cindy Ord/Getty

Cindy Ord/Getty

The collection, “Lily’s Fall Refresh,” which has more than 100 pieces based on the star’s seven fall essentials, was carefully selected to match Aldridge’s casual, cool model-off-duty style. “When I was curating, I was really just thinking about pieces I love,” Aldridge (wearing a Thakoon outfit and Sophia Webster shoes) tells PEOPLE. “I picked everything in my shop — so every boot I would wear, every jean I would wear, every blazer, every leather jacket, every purse is totally my style. I didn’t put anything on there that I didn’t think was cool. So if you like my style, you could pick one of every of my seven essentials, and you’d basically be wearing what I wear every day.”

And as with all good things, the curating process took some time. “We had lists, so I would be like, ‘I love these jeans,’ ‘I love these designers,’ and I basically had lists and I was like, ‘No, no, no, yes,'” Aldridge shared. “I just went through all of the options and I was like, ‘I wouldn’t wear this,’ ‘This is off,’ ‘This is on,’ ‘I love this.’ And I made sure it was all mine and authentic.”

Lily Aldridge GILT collab

Cindy Ord/Getty

Aldridge also was conscious of price when choosing her pieces for the sale. “There’s a mix of everything: the thing that’s more affordable and the lust-worthy item,” Aldridge tells PEOPLE. “I just want other women and girls to be able to buy the clothes that I like at different price ranges: there’s the more expensive blazer and then there’s the more affordable blazer. Both are wonderful, but it just depends on the price points.”

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On Gilt City, Aldridge shares some of her favorite experiences, including her “Love Pack” of Blueprint juices, which are three flavors she and her family drink at home. Not to mention “my trainer, my colorist, it’s the clothes I wear, it’s my favorite restaurants — a whole lifestyle!” she says.

Even though the collection is filled with the star’s top picks, Aldridge can’t help but love a few pieces more than the others. Her favorites? “There’s an amazing pair of metallic Tabatha Simmons boots on there,” she says. “My hair salon in L.A. is doing, like, 30 percent off. Ballet Beautiful is on there.”

And Aldridge can confirm that Ballet Beautiful and Blueprint are part of her “fall refresh,” thanks to one very important date on her calendar. “Fall to me means the time for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, so I’m really refreshed!” she says, laughing. “Walking down the runway in your underwear is a big motivation.”

What do you think of Lily’s collection? Are you loving her hand-picked pieces? Are you planning on adding any to your virtual cart? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

–Sarah Kinonen


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