Watch Lily Aldridge Play Victoria's Secret Angel Trivia (Spoiler: She Knows Her Stuff!)


You know model Lily Aldridge for her covetable hair color (it’s celeb colorist Tracey Cunningham’s most requested look!) her Taylor Swift squad membership and of course, her role as a Victoria’s Secret Angel. Aldridge has been with the lingerie brand since 2009, and even got to wear the coveted Fantasy Bra in the 2015 fashion show. It takes a lot to earn those coveted wings, so when the model visited PeopleStyle HQ on Tuesday, we decided to put her to the test with some Angel trivia on Facebook Live. Oh, and there was a catch: For every incorrect answer, Lily had to put on a bra (from VS’s new Body by Victoria “Easy” collection) over her clothes. Watch here to see just how many bras she stacked on — and stick around to the end for a few bonus questions from fans too.

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She’s pretty good, right? A few things we learned:

-The Fantasy Bra apparently feels like “a very fancy coconut bra.”

-Not only did Lily know that Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio have walked in the same number of Victoria’s Secret shows, but she added that although Adriana first walked a year before Alessandra, Adriana missed one year when she was pregnant.

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-Once, Lily felt like she was about to fall on the runway in her wings, but she saw designer Alexander Wang in the crowd and stayed upright so she wouldn’t fall in front of him.

-How much double-stick tape is used in the fashion show? None. Zip. Zero.

We have tons more with Lily coming up, so keep an eye out on to see it all!

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