Lily Aldridge Reveals Her Style Changed After Her Daughter Was Born: 'I Was Less Scared'

The model urges fans to be fearless with fashion

Lily Aldridge owns the street, runway and red carpet with her head-turning style. But even the supermodel wasn’t always 100 percent confident with her clothes. Aldridge, 30, reveals how she learned to craft her own fashion identity and more stylish advice in our video series, Life-Changing Tips. Watch the clip above!

“I was so one way before I had my daughter [3-year-old Dixie], and after I had my daughter, something switched in me and I totally changed my fashion, ” Aldridge reveals of her own personal style evolution. “I was less scared to make choices that people may not like. I realized, ‘I don’t care.’ If I want to do something fun or if I want to try something new I’m gonna try it and if people don’t like it that’s okay.”

Aldridge urges everyone to explore their style and take fashion risks to empower themselves.

“I think it’s so important to be fearless with fashion because you have to enjoy life, live a little, experiment, do beauty looks you didn’t think about,” she shares. “My style changes daily. My choices change daily. That’s so important. Change up your routine.”

And that change can be as subtle as switching up your undergarment game. If you always wear a black or nude bra, Aldridge advises to try a colorful style to mix things up.

Feeling inspired? Check out the new “Easy” collection from Victoria’s Secret. Do you agree with the model’s style advice? How are you fearless with fashion? Share below!

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