What do we think of these three fringe looks?

By Alex Apatoff
Updated November 18, 2013 10:22 PM

247PapsTV/Splash News Online;Donato Sardella/Wireimage

Two weeks ago, it seemed like boldfaced name in L.A. was getting a super-short pixie we had to discuss. But because this is Hollywood and trends can turn on a dime, it appears the latest hair-trend is a bit more in-your-face — literally. Three stars wore bangs that were either so bold, so new or so shaggy we felt they warranted your attention.

Mad Men‘s Jessica Paré debuted a super-mod new do at an Erdem dinner in L.A. Thursday night. Sleek, black and banged, it gave off major “Cleopatra” vibes — and it was so perfect, there was some inter-office debate as to whether it was a wig. Paré’s Mad Men costar Elisabeth Moss is back to brunette, which means they’ll be filming the final season soon. So we can either assume that Megan Draper’s move to L.A. has turned her into a disco goddess, or Paré’s going rogue. Or it actually is a wig — some of us still think it’s a possibility.

Speaking of possible wigs, have you seen Rihanna‘s latest look? It’s hard to keep on top of the diva’s many, many hair changes, but this one was noteworthy for how relatively normal it was. Cut in a modified Dorothy Hamill wedge, with feathery fringe that went with her ’70s-inspired velour catsuit. Time will tell whether this will stick.

Finally, Hilary Swank got our attention with her eyelash-skimming bangs. She cut them late in October, but she’s a poster girl for the dangers of not keeping up with regular trims: While this cut looked cute swept to the side, when it’s combed down and obscuring her eyes, it goes from come-hither to a little messy. We assume that’s not what the ordinarily polished star was hoping for.

Which of these three has your biggest bangs moment? Tell us below.

–Alex Apatoff