August 11, 2006 04:13 PM

Come mid-August, most of us are sick of fighting the heat and humidity in the battle to tame our hair. Here’s how a few of us are coping, but we want to know: How are YOU dealing with your summer hair woes?

Kara M. Says:
Wrangling my it’s-always-frizzy-no-matter-how-much-mousse-I-use summertime hair is a constant battle. I’m always looking for timesavers and frizz tamers. My current solution? Scarf headbands like the ones you can buy online at Intuition. It’s a scarf and headband in one – with a piece of elastic at the back – which means no slipping, no re-tying, and no knotted strands of hair. And for me, that means an instantly chic hairdo with the least amount of effort (a bit like Jessica Simpson and Nicole Richie, left). Voila!

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Photo: Phil Penman/INF; AlphaX/X17

Amy K. says:
I am just looking for anything that cuts down on time and effort spent on my hair. Headbands — multi-colored, really wide or super skinny, with a bow or shiny patent leather — are the perfect accessory to jazz up a pony tail and bangs or a messy bun. I love a hairstyle that requires so little skill. Here are some of my picks, I am especially obsessed with these Cara Couture Mini Bamboo Headbands (Gotta love the little bamboo accent, very Gucci-esque) for a perfect quick fix!

Melissa L-G. says:
No headbands for me — I decided to cut off 7 inches of my hair to beat the heat! Now, it’s all about scrunch-n-go for me in the morning. The first step is a healthy dose of Bumble and Bumble Grooming Creme, which makes me frizz-free. And then on to the Frederic Fekkai Wave Spray, which makes my sort of wavy here transform into Kate Hudson-like ripples (after much scrunching!). If I want a messier look, I turn to Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray and a little bit of Kerastase Vinyle Nutri-Sculpt to flip out the ends. Less than 5 minutes in the morning takes care of my hair all day long.

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