By Alex Abel
June 15, 2017 01:49 PM
Credit: Gary Gershoff/WireImage

When you star on a hit TV show like Lennon and Maisy Stella do, it’s not totally uncommon to get really good at doing makeup. The sisters — Lennon is 17, Maisy is 13 — have been in the public eye and, of course, the glam chair for nearly five years now on Nashville, and between that and YouTube bingeing, they have gotten quite handy with a brush and some highlighter. So, we had to put them to the test, sticking PEOPLE style and beauty director Andrea Lavinthal in the hot seat, where she gave her face over to the mercy of these savvy teens (and you have to watch through the end to see how her look turns out. Let’s just say there’s a twist ending). Along the way, we got to know them a little better (and naturally fell even more in love with their sister-ship). Watch below to see their skills in action, and keep scrolling to learn more.

First things first: their beauty routines. When Lennon and Maisy aren’t learning from the makeup professionals on set, they love playing around on their own. “I love Sephora, Sephora is the only place that I go,” Maisy shares. “For summer I keep it simple though. I wear a ton of moisturizer and a little mascara, maybe with a little bronzer.” Lennon’s also a fan of the bronze-y glow. “I just love bronzer and being tan. I also love [Kat Von D] Lolita II, I wear it literally every day. I feel like it works for all seasons because it’s light enough that it’s always fresh-looking.” (Fun fact: She says she also did all her friends’ makeup for prom!)

When it comes to style, Maisy describes Lennon’s vibe as “hippie-bohemian” while Lennon says her sister is “turning kind of edgy. I dig it.” They’ve also both gotten into playing around with their hair color, and now have the freedom to do so as Nashville‘s filming is on hiatus. Of course, color treatment takes a lot of maintenance. Lennon says she keeps her gorgeous mermaid-like wave protected with Kevin Murphy’s heat protectant and leave-in conditioner, and for a little boost, uses the brand’s beach spray. “I don’t really do that much to my hair, just wash and condition with a wand to curl it.”

Credit: LA/ABC/Getty

The girls also spilled about what it’s like being in the spotlight, especially at their ages. Lennon shared that her favorite thing is the community of fans they’ve created. “Feeling like you have a bunch of friends is fun,” she says. “You feel like there are people [around] that are really nice and always welcoming.” Of course, it’s not without it’s occasional drawbacks as well, but they’ve learned to stay strong. “The only hard part is that people [can be] really judgmental, but you can’t please everyone,” Maisy explains. (So wise, that girl!)

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Of course, there’s one question we — and the world — had to know: Had they ever had the opportunity to touch Connie Britton’s fabulous hair? For Maisy, it’s a yes! “I did in a scene one time. The day of her wedding, I got to brush it.” Talk about a dream wedding.

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