Lena Dunham showed off endless body confidence in Emily Ratajkowski's new Inamorata Swim designs

By Kaitlyn Frey
September 05, 2018 11:54 AM
Credit: Lena Dunham/Instagram

Emily Ratajkowski has a new model for her sexy Inamorata Swim designs: Lena Dunham.

The Girls actress, 32, sported nothing more than a super-high-cut, strapless leopard-print one piece and huge straw hat for a fun, stripped-down swim photoshoot shot by none other than Ratajkowski, 27.

Credit: Lena Dunham/Instagram

“That time @emrata made me a full oiled up swimsuit issue chick for @inamorataswim 👙 I’ve loved Emily forever because she’s wise, kind, gets how complex feminism and femininity are and gives the perfect amount of f—s. Honored to get behind her 📷,” Dunham captioned a series of photos from the shoot on Instagram.

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Credit: Lena Dunham/Instagram

In the comments, Ratajkowski thanked the actress for taking part in the photoshoot. “You look amazing. Honored to know you and to have you be a part of this!” she said.

Fans also praised Dunham’s modeling skills in the comments.

“Yaas, werk! Slay them all, Lena!” one fan said. Another wrote, “Your self confidence is truly inspiring. I love your unapologetic honesty. It’s incredible that you embrace every part of yourself so openly when you’re under the public eye. Thank you.”

Last month, Dunham celebrated her body by sharing a nude photo on Instagram to mark nine months since having a hysterectomy to end her endometriosis pain.

“I’ve never celebrated the 9 month anniversary of anything and I realized last night why that number feels so funny — I won’t ever do it the way I planned to,” she wrote, alluding to the fact that she’ll never be able to biologically carry a child.

“My body is mostly healed and every day I find a new bruise on my heart, but today I offer myself gratitude: from the most pained place, I somehow knew to choose myself,” the star continued. “The purest glint of who we are and know we can be is always available to us, calm and true at our center.”

Dunham also revealed the nickname she gave her now-departed uterus.

“My friend Paul named my uterus Judy, and when she was being uppity we called her out, hence the tattoo on my ribs, which hurt like f— even through the pain meds: #RIPJudy. Today I give thanks for Judy, for her graceful exit and for this body, which is stronger than I’ve ever given it credit for,” she said. “Happy Giving Birth To Myself Day.”