Lena Dunham Shares Ultimate Throwback Photo, Reveals She Wore Her Late Grandmother's Dior Dress to Junior Prom

The Girls star showed off what she calls "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Dress"


Courtesy Lena Dunham/Instagram

You’ve read the books, seen the movies and even wished to be a member of the all-girl group. But if The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 3 is in fact in the works as Blake Lively recently hinted at, it looks like Lena Dunham might have a leg up on the competition for nailing a guest spot in the film.

In a recent Instagram photo, the Girls creator gave a sweet tribute to her late grandmother, Dot, posting photo of herself in her flowy junior prom dress, which she refers to as “the Sisterhood of the Traveling Dress.”

“My grandma gave me her vintage Dior to wear to junior prom,” she wrote. “This is me in 2003, being posed by my mom before my date came.”

Dunham added that not only was the floral green dress a gorgeous sheath she had the privilege of wearing in high school, but the design was also significant in the sense that it could be worn by many members of her family just like the famous one-size-fits-all jeans from the Sisterhood films.

“I call it the Sisterhood of the Traveling Dress because she was so tiny yet somehow this fits everyone,” she said.

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Now just imagine if Dunham brought the vintage garment to the set of the (rumored) last season of Girls. It’d be the ultimate collision of two female-centric worlds: Girls meets The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. We could totally see Jessa pull off the gorgeous green design, but who from the Sisterhood cast do you think would wear it best? Tibby? Carmen? The lot? Not to be too cliché, but our money’s on Bridget because, Blake, obviously.

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Just days before the prom dress snap, Dunham dedicated another loving tribute to her grandmother’s life.

“Dot pictured here with her three beautiful daughters: Laurie, Bonnie and Susan. She is also survived by four granddaughters: Jenna, Lena, Julie and Grace,” she said. “That’s a lot of strength, all springing forth from one tiny broad. We are lucky, humbled to have been present in her last days, full of love and gratitude.”

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–Sarah Kinonen

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