The actress has finally found a solution to her overplucking woes

Lena Dunham has waged a very public war with that strip of hair, or lack thereof, directly above her eyes ever since making the classic pre-teen mistake of partaking in some serious over-plucking.

In fact, around the time the rest of the internet was first learning the joys of proclaiming their own brows to be on fleek, the Girls star was only just beginning to have success achieving a slightly fuller look, taking to Instagram to share her magical beauty product of the moment, RevitaBrow.

Since then, however, it seems Dunham has found an all-new tool to get her brows one step closer to Cara Delevingne-levels of fullness, a process that involves painstakingly tattooing each individual brow hair on, called microblading.

In an essay she penned for Vogue, the Not That Kind of Girl author recounts the full complicated history she’s had with her eyebrows, calling them “thin and pale, roughly the color of roadkill, with random hairs sprouting where they might, creating the effect of a sparse forehead rug.”

So naturally, being the precocious youth that she was, Dunham took matters into her own hands, literally, attempting to “create a superthin shape using my dad’s dull tweezers, then use a pencil of some sort (lip- or eyeliner; who really knew the difference?) to fill in what God had not gifted me.”

And as you can imagine, the results were not exactly everything she imagined them to be, and she’s spent the almost two decades since trying to rectify that impulsive choice. Long story short, she writes, “I walked around feeling as though my eyes—the windows to my soul—were missing some very essential drapery.”

That is, until she discovered microblading. A process she describes as “a semipermanent tattoo where small amounts of pigment are placed under the skin using a sharp and flat handheld tool,” administered by an expert, of course, and meant to create a trompe l’oeil effect of having a naturally bushy brow.

Dunham headed over to Beverly Hills-based cosmetic artist Dominique Bossavy at N.Y.C.’s Core Club, who refers to her brand of microblading as “Nano Color Infusion.” And 40 minutes later, the actress said, “I was too stunned to speak. On my face were two perfect brows, the same hard-to-capture brown as the hair on my head, multidimensional, thick in all the right places, giving my face a grounded seriousness I had been wishing for since that day in the bathroom almost 20 years ago.” Proof that if all of Dunham’s follicular dreams can come true, anyone’s can.

What do you think of Dunham’s new brows? Would you ever try microblading? Sound off below!