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Watch out, Blake Lively! It looks like there’s another leggy blonde costar who has captured Leighton Meester‘s attention. The Gossip Girl actress, who appears alongside Gwyneth Paltrow in her latest film, Country Strong, seems to have developed a slight girl crush on the older actress-turned-country singer. “She’s gorgeous without any makeup on and she comes to set at 5 a.m. looking really hot which is really great,” Leighton tells
of Gwyneth’s off-screen appeal. “She’s super down-to-earth and makes dirty jokes. She’s just a cool chick.” And that’s not the only on-set secret that Leighton dished on. The stylish star, who gets back to her Texas roots as a beauty queen-turned-singer in Country Strong, plays a neurotic college girl in The Roommate, and gets to slink into some of fashion’s most coveted labels as Blair Waldorf on Gossip Girl, reveals that the mean girl roles get the best outfits. “In The Roommate, I play a little over-the-edge bad girl and she has a pretty good wardrobe,” she tells the publication. Tell us: Who is your celebrity crush?Jessie Goldberg