The RHOD star shows off her brand new dress line, L'Infinity

By Colleen Kratofil
October 17, 2018 03:12 PM

For the past decade, Real Housewives’ of Dallas‘ LeeAnne Locken has searched far and wide for the “ultimate little black dress.” She never found it, so now she’s taken matters into her own hands and launched L’Infinity, a little black dress that can be worn 175 different ways. Yes, 175 dresses in one, really.

The secret to its wondrous versatility? One foundational “Spanx-like” bodycon dress and a lot of mix-and-match attachments.

“My whole program in life has always been, ‘How do I help people? How do I help women?’ That’s what this dress is designed to do, give the woman who can’t afford 175 different dresses the option of being able to have 175 different dresses,” Locken told PEOPLE when she stopped by to demonstrate how the dress works for a video (watch it above). “And that’s just the beginning.”

The attachments include a variety of different sleeve designs, colors (red, black and white), and skirt lengths so the dress can transform into a myriad of silhouettes, like a formal ball gown with a cape, a work-appropriate midi dress with cap sleeves, a long-sleeve cocktail dress and more.

“I didn’t want too many different attachments because I thought, ‘I don’t want to make it where someone gets frustrated because they buy the dress and they have no idea how to wear it,'” she tells PEOPLE.

The dress retails for $150 on its own, but one can buy the complete collection with all attachments for $375, or one colorway of attachments for $175.


“This is not a genius dress, by any stretch,” she says. “I don’t care who says that it is, it’s not. It’s a simple idea of how to make your dollar go further.”

Locken says this is just the beginning.

She sees this line growing to include more color options of the dress (it’s currently available in black) and a variety of more attachment styles, from leopard-print and crinkle velvet to a “Red Carpet Collection” of all-sequin add-ons.

“The shapes of attachments that I’ve created will always stay the same, so you’ll always have a ruffle sleeve, you’ll have a cuffed sleeve, and you’ll have a cape sleeve,” she says. “It’s designed to take you from a daytime meeting or a luncheon to a black tie affair.”

Watch the video above to see L’Infinity in action. There’s nothing like seeing it for yourself.