LeBron James Wears the 'Safety Pin' Gesture of Solidarity on the Cover of 'Sports Illustrated'

The basketball legend, who was just named Sportsperson of the Year by Sports Illustrated, joined in on the safety pin movement to support women, minorities and immigrants after Trump's election

2016 Sports Illustrated Sportsperson of the Year
D Dipasupil/FilmMagic

LeBron James was just named Sportsperson of the Year by Sports Illustrated, which came with a cover that portrays the fashion plate (and NBA champ) in a sharp cream Cielo Brands suit over a turtleneck – plus one notable accessory: a safety pin on his lapel. James appears to be nodding to the the safety pin movement that’s been taking over social media, which uses the pin to represent solidarity with and support for minority groups.

The 31-year-old Cleveland Cavaliers forward has been involved in politics in 2016, vocally endorsing Hillary Clinton in her run for the White House, so it’s not a surprise to see him making a political statement on the magazine’s cover. For the uninitiated, the safety pin phenomenon took over Twitter and Instagram shortly after the election as an easy way to identify oneself as an ally to groups potentially threatened in the new administration, including women, minorities and LGBT people.

Robert Beck/Sports Illustrated

Other celebrities, including Olivia Wilde, Patrick Stewart and The West Wing’s Mary McCormack, joined in on the movement and pledged their solidarity over the past month on Instagram to create a sense of safety in the country as well.

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This isn’t the first move James made to take a stand against Trump’s upcoming presidency. Just a week ago, the NBA superstar opted out of staying at the Trump Soho Hotel with some of his Cavaliers teammates when the team was in town playing the New York Knicks, calling his decision a “personal preference”.

What do you think about LeBron showing his support with a safety pin on his Sports Illustrated cover? Share your thoughts below.

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