Man Repeller's Leandra Medine Claps Back at Negative Comments About Her Unshaven Legs

The style influencer says she's not trying to make a statement but is simply lazy about shaving

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Fashion influencer Leandra Medine Cohen, the founder of the style website Manrepeller, has a cult following of trend-obsessed women who love her look. But along with the constant support from her die-hard fans, the social media star and new mom of twin girls has also encountered some trolling from social media commenters — and she’s not standing for it.

Last week, Medine Cohen posted a photo of her legs and feet, in order to show off her leopard-print Manolo Blahnik mules and Aurelie Bidermann ankle bracelets. “Highlow not to be confused with hello but that too,” she captioned the photo. But her followers quickly began to comment about another detail of the shot: her noticeably unshaven legs.

“I don’t understand those hairy legs… or armpits,” one commenter wrote, adding, “Why to put ankle bracelet and pretty shoes? Useless, you have hairy legs, that should be enough.”

Another wrote, “omg. get a waxing,” while many of her fans responded in favor of the look.

“Thank you for that hair!!! This is a real woman! This is the future,” was just one of the comments in support of the look.

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But Medine soon responded to the backlash with a new photo that showed her freshly shaved legs.

Another day, another anklet, and behold a set of shaved legs. Not in response to Monday’s shoefie but mostly because I was/am not trying to make a statement with my body hair so much as I am lazy,” she captioned the shot, which showed another pair of Manolo Blahnik shoes and Roxanne Assouline anklets. “Tbh, I prefer being shaven but often prioritize other things over it.”

However, Cohen went on to address the negative comments — and suggested that her followers should show a bit more consideration when it comes to disagreeing with her appearance.

“To that point, tho, I had a pretty visceral reaction to the comments that responded to those who asked why I hadn’t shaved or waxed (meaning I was in disagreement with those who got mad at the people who wondered why I have not shaved.) Disagreement on an expression does not have to necessitate polarity though recently it seems like it does but I feel pretty strongly that we can be respectful in our differing opinions and still exist within the same feed — comment thread, even. K Luvubye.”

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