Lea Michele Gets Real About Her Mustache on Snapchat

The actress showed fans the ugly side of staying so pretty

Photo: Lea Michele/Snap Chat

You’ve surely heard this all your life, but it bears repeating for the umpteenth time: Beauty is pain. As any woman can tell you, if it isn’t a cosmetic procedure specifically designed to inflict physical discomfort then it’s guaranteed to wreak serious havoc of the economic variety. After all, that weekly mani, pedi, and bi-monthly trim don’t come for free. But as Lea Michele proved on Snapchat, there’s no greater beauty nemesis to ladies everywhere that truly epitomizes that maxim than that monthly trip to the waxer.

The actress got real with her fans on the social media app on Sunday, giving them a peek behind the curtain at exactly what it takes to stay looking eternally red carpet ready. Lea started off by sharing a short video of her waxer cleaning up her thick brows, opening her eyes wide while saying, “this is going to hurt really bad,” before gritting her teeth as the wax gets ripped off.


She then went on to Snap her mustache getting waxed, joking that, “This is the real beauty, you guys. This is what happens when you’re half Jewish, half Italian.”


We’re all for celebs sharing the less glamorous aspects of their lives, even when it personally makes us want to cover our eyes and ice our upper lips in empathy. But considering the huge market of people out there who are in to obsessively watching the most grotesque and disturbing of pimple popping videos, we have a feeling Lea may have just tapped into the next market of cringe-inducing viral videos. Just call her Dr. Mustache Waxer.

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